September 19th saw the kickoff of the second annual World Series of Poker Europe hosted at 5-6 Leicester Square in London England. After a highly successful debut year, the world’s largest poker tournament decided to return to the quickly growing European market.

The World Series of Poker Europe runs through October 2nd and features four big poker events. After event one concludes on Monday the 22nd, there will be a H.O.R.S.E. event followed by a Pot Limit Omaha event and then the ten thousand pound Main Event starting on Saturday September 27th. Last years Main Event was won by the quiet female assassin, Norwegian Annette Obrestad. Annette was only twenty years old at the time and the first women to win a World Series of Poker Main Event.

£1,500 No Limit Hold’em

Kicking things off on Friday the 19th was the £1,500 No Limit Hold’em event. Scheduled to run through Monday September 22nd, event #1 has seen some great action and some big names fall.

After doubling up early in the tournament, Erik Siedel was eliminated when his offsuit AK couldn’t pair against a made pocket pair of queens. David LaRonde, struggling to stay alive into Sunday’s rounds, desperately hoped his pocket tens would hold up when there were no over cards on the flop. Unfortunately his crying call against Fuad Serhan proved ultimately futile when Serhan turned over pocket aces and no further help came for the tens. Serhan became the chip leader at that point amassing a huge stack of 180,000 in chips. In this second to last day of action there are 37 out of the 410 players remaining. Players at the final table will compete for a first prize of £144,000.

With one day of tournament action remaining, the chip counts were:

  1. Fuad Serhan 180,000
  2. Daniel Negreanu 145,000
  3. Yevgeniy Timoshenko 142,000
  4. Adam Junglen 140,000
  5. Jesper Hougaard 137,000
  6. Costas Artemi 120,000
  7. Jason Gray 115,000
  8. Linda Lee 110,000
  9. Daniel Nutt 98,000
  10. Tim Pennington 67,000

Finally, 24 years old poker pro Jesper Hougaard from Denmark managed to climb up from 8th position at the final table to win event #1 and was the first player ever to win a WSOPE bracelet, as well as a WSOP bracelet in the same year. He overcame a total of 409 participators and took home £144,218. 2nd place finisher Foud Serhan won £89,175, while Yevgeniy Timoshenko who was eliminated in 3rd position, won £55,350.