This could be the beginning of a free online poker career!

This is not really an article as you are used to, but since Scott Brown vanished from the world of online poker and has been spotted on XBox Live lately, plus the fact that I personally don’t have the time to blog frequently, we’re seriously looking for a blogger.

Of course it would make sense if you are one of our regulars, because that way you know your way around, maybe play in our leader board and have some material to blog about. Other subjects to write about could be poker tournaments online, live poker tournaments, for instance one of the major events like the World Series or the EPT.

You will get $10 in a poker account per article to start with, payments will be made in the first week of a new month. Later on we will evaluate and see if there’s more space to lift the payments up.

The only thing we want is someone who has superb English grammar skills, so we don’t loose time reviewing articles.

So, if you’re having fun at writing and want to play poker for real money… this is your chance! Please contact us if you believe to have what it takes and if you’re seriously interested for a longer period of time.