In an attempt to bring a more community style feel and traditional gaming experience to online casino enthusiasts, many companies have begun introducing various games using a virtual dealer. Mirada gaming is the latest to introduce its newest virtual gaming product, virtual dealer roulette. Virtual dealer games create a real life atmosphere for online casinos most popular games. While Mirada’s virtual dealer roulette won’t actually have a live dealer, there will be several pre scripted spots that are pulled up by a random number generator. The pre recorded spots will include a dealer and other patrons taking part in the game to create as real of a casino feeling as possible.

The best part about Mirada’s new product will be its availability across other platforms. Virtual dealer roulette will be available streaming over the web, through major live platforms and even on television. The product will also feature multi player capability, live chat, messaging, real time stats and rich three dimensional graphics.

Mirada has created the product to create a more pleasing and interactive experience for online gamers, and at a fraction of the cost of an actual live dealer game. Virtual Dealer roulette is also very adaptable and easily integrated into existing platforms. This makes for easy integration of player accounts, wallets, back office applications, additional games and customer management.

Mirada’s CEO had the following to say regarding their latest product.

“Games need to be fun, visual, provide a sense of community and these are all the ingredients we are adding to traditional gambling products. The result is a video roulette that stands out from the competition, applies to both online and interactive TV worlds and offers platform operators a great way to differentiate their offer for a fraction of the cost of live dealer solutions.”