Video Poker

Poker is a fan-favorite for a reason – the intense gameplay, thrill of winning and strategic play can be more than enough to draw a crowd over and over. Add in a few starting bonuses and a dash of competitive nature and you have a recipe for potential success. The question is, however, how do you pick the best game with the highest payout? Here, we’re taking a look at what you should consider and some of our top picks for 2019.

How to choose the right one for you

There is a vast range of video poker sites online, offering everything from standard player vs player live gaming to computer-generated opponents at any time of the day. Choosing the best software and jackpots is just the beginning. You’ll also need to look at their reputation, the bonuses, and the odds:

1: Look at their reputation

Reputation is everything in the gambling world – after all, who better to give you a true insight than the other players? You’re more likely to get in-depth, realistic opinions through reviews and forums than you would just through the website, including the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. If the site looks good in theory, take a step back and have a look into what others think and their experiences. Is the security of the game up to scratch, or have people experienced issues with their deposits and withdrawals? All of this should come into play when you’re considering investing money into a poker game.

2: What bonuses do they offer?

Most poker sites will offer some form of bonus for new users, usually in the form of no-deposit, or deposit-based bonuses. For example, the first time you make a deposit, they may add on an extra 50% of your initial bonus and in some cases, may even double it. This will depend on the site you’re considering, but it’s important not to let this rule your decision. Some websites and games could offer incredible bonuses, but may not be safe – that’s where reputation will also come in.

3: What is the house edge?

Regardless of whether you’re playing live, or against a computer, it’s important to research into just what the ‘house edge’ for that provider is. Just like a standard bricks-and-mortar casino, a video poker website or machine will need to make it’s profit somehow, and it does this by taking a small percentage of your winnings. Every game and machine will have a paytable and on average, this states that around 3% will be taken as a profit by the casino/provider. There are a number of games and providers that take far less than 3%, and so the lower their supposed profit, the better.

What could you choose?

So, now you know what you’re looking for, where do you start? Well, 2019 has plenty to keep our eyes out for, now least including:

Poker 8 – 888poker

This year, 888poker finally decided to upgrade their poker-based software, releasing the brand new ‘Poker 8’ rendition. This new release saw an incredible improvement to the decade-old previous software, including better graphics, improved animations, and sound effects and other improvements throughout. Players have been treated to new table themes and new avatars, however returning players will be pleased to know that the game still holds the same look, feel and atmosphere, with clear improvements to make the playstyle much more seamless.

888poker’s software was in desperate need of a revamp, and as we continue through 2019, we could very well see incredible improvements still to come. They’ve stated the potential for additional upgrades to the lobby, and even a new mobile version to bring the software further into the smartphone age.

Aces & Faces Poker

A classic, but one that pulls in the more casual crowds. It’s a beginner-friendly game, with bets ranging from as little as 2p to £5 per hand dependant on your budget, experience, and personal preference. For those looking to get started in the poker world, Aces & Faces offers simple gameplay styles, with clear buttons for betting, doubling up, dealing and collecting and offers a player-vs-dealer style to help you get the hang of the hands before you take to the main tables.

NetEnt releases (TXS Holdem, Jacks or Better)

NetEnt Logo

For those well versed in the world of online gambling, NetEnt is a name you’re likely to recognize. While they typically specialize in slots, their poker games are certainly worth a shot, with high RTP (Return-To-Player) and easy browser-based play. Two of their leading poker offerings include TXS Hold’em Pro, and Jacks or Better, the latter of the two typically drawing more of the crowd.

Jacks or Better offers smooth interface, decent graphics and the ability to play up to 25 hands at any one time. There are certain customizable options to ensure that you get the play that you want, including the amount that you bet at any one time. NetEnt’s website currently states that players can bet between €0.01 and €0.50 per hand, but you can place overall maximum bets of €62.50.

While this is by no means an extensive list of the poker games you can try this year, they are certainly some of the most accessible and entertaining for those wanting to get started and try a casual hand or invest their time and money into winning big. Where will you begin?