Becoming a real money player

For those of you in the Euro zone who are still doubting about playing for real money, currently it’s a great moment to make the move. Let me define why. Because of today’s US economic situation we see a huge devaluation of the US Dollar. The Dollar has fallen to an all time low record, in other words: “You will get quite a lot more Dollars for your Euros.” On this very moment of writing the Dollar rates is 0.70 in Euros, so this means you get 1.40 Dollars for every Euro you deposit.

Now, since you will still be making Dollars online, it basically stays the same, though there are two scenarios where you can gain advantage of this situation.

Scenario 1
You make a deposit, play tight, or Limit Texas Hold’em to release some of your first deposit bonus, and make a withdrawal when the Dollar has gained in value.

Scenario 2
You make a deposit at a site where US players are allowed. No offense against our US visitors, but… since their currency values more to them, than it does to Europeans, you have an advantage of about 40%. This, and the fact that the majority of American poker players are known to have a loose game should make this scenario considerable.

Recomended USA poker rooms on Poker For Free

USA Poker

We promote a few online poker rooms that (still) allow players from the United States, let’s talk about them a bit, including their deposit methods, and – limits.


Very recommendable for their high amounts of traffic. This is where most US players are active since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was rammed through Congress. Superb multi table tournaments, with prizes in the higher thousands. Buy-ins start really low at PokerStars, and you can expect lot’s of participators.

A huge list of deposit methods, starting at $10 across all deposit method.

Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker has closed.

Home of the pro’s! Their downloadable poker client is available for Windows, as well as Mac. Full Tilt has a larger percentage of USA poker players than any other online poker room out there. The level of play is a little over average, so watch your back!

An average list of deposit methods, starting at $20. (€14)

Bodog Poker

We have cut Bodog Poker from our selection of poker rooms.

A well respected brand in the wagering industry. Bodog has it’s own sophisticated platform which is unique in it’s kind. Love it or hate it, but it comes with all the industry standards, and more. I would specially recommend them for their daily freerolls of $1500 and $500. A lot of action in the lower limits, and the overall competition is low.

A small list of deposit methods, starting at $20. (€14)