// Begin of rant

This post is in regards to our Summer Survival League, a competition of 8 $50 added events with low buy-ins and a final of $1,000 where only 20 players will qualify for. The first prize of the league is nothing less than $500!

Quite frankly, I am a bit fed up with how things are going when we’re running special events. As most of you already know, we had plenty of leagues running at Poker For Free in the past, but because of all the freeroll whores ruining the atmosphere, we decided to change our concept around and went from no buy-ins to low buy-ins.

Titan PokerThis summer, we decided to give it yet another try and got in touch with our contact at Titan Poker. After a little bit of negotiating, they offered to put in a nice chunk of cash into the final’s prize pool and we decided to add-on $50 to each qualification tournament to make them attractive as well.

Last week we started promoting the Summer Survival League on Poker For Free, as well as on PokerKamers.nl, our Dutch sister site. Yesterday I personally changed the style of our newsletter and send it to over 4,000 Poker Club members (excluding all members from the US, as they aren’t allowed to play anyway).

Well….. with that being said you can understand that I was expecting this league to run smoothly, since ONLY 5 players were needed to get it started. So, this morning I woke up, checked the forums and ended being really deceptive. The first tournament was cancelled!

A total of 3 players signed-up for yesterday’s event, including some of our most active forum members. Unfortunately, some other members couldn’t register because they didn’t sign-up at Titan Poker through our site. I am truly sorry for that and will see what we can do about it for next week.

To be totally clear: “I am not giving up!” You can rely on the fact that I will do anything in my power to attract enough players. Whatever it takes, next week there will be a Summer Survival League tournament, (even if that means that I need to terminate my self-exclusion at Titan Poker).

This means that I am specifically asking the ones registered in yesterday’s cancelled tournament, Gigagonnie and Rob Edwards (not sure about the third player), to hang in there with me and try again next week.

// End of rant