While the elite superstar online poker players have wagered this much on a single hand of poker, the Poker Players Alliance this year has spent just shy of $630K on lobbying efforts in Washington. That may seem like a significant amount of money but when you consider what big oil companies and energy outfits spend, the amount is laughable.

Unfortunately, it takes money to hire big lobbyists and that’s what keeps Washington running. The trickle down effect is what helps the common folks, like us with legislation that hopefully makes our lives a little better. When it comes to poker and protecting our game it’s good to know that we have an ally like the PPA on our side. Spending by the PPA on lobbying efforts has ramped up considerably since their launch in 2005. The spending curve has progressed as follows:

  • 2005 – $260K
  • 2006 – $540K
  • 2007 – $900K
  • 2008 – $629K (year to date)

So remember the next time you get an email asking for your membership dues or a donation to the PPA, that money is well spent. In other words take the $20.00 that you were about to use to enter a small tournament and send it to the PPA. Without it, you may see the day where that $20.00 can’t be used to play ANY poker online.