I haven’t been playing any live poker for some time, due to my league finishing and doesn’t restart ’till after the Christmas period, so I’ve been sharpening up my skills online!


Well I think they have got rid of the British_Irish freeroll as I can’t find it :( so now I’m playing the $50.000 freeroll tournaments, which seems so be very hard with 10.000 players entering, so I tend to stick to the play money SNG’s trying to reach my goal of 100.000 play chips before 25th December. I think when I last looked I had about 30,000, other than that I haven’t really played much for the love of my new poker site.



[BestPoker has become my poker site of choice after not playing it for so long. I got $10 put on to my account, and looked around for the best way to make money. I found the $1.00 + $0.20 six person SNG (turbo) with 2 places paid, I won and lost on this, sometimes a 1st, sometimes a 2nd, and sometimes nothing. At my lowest I went down to $2.40, just enough for 2 more SNG’s, but then I looked at sitting down to the cash games, $0.05 – $0.10 blinds, 4 persons per table. I took my last $2.40 to the table and waited on some good cards. People really respect the bets, and they don’t chase, so I could bet at my hand or play the cards on the table if it was all checked to me. I was soon back up to $5 thinking to myself: if I play down to $3 then leave, but to my amazement I was soon up to $10, which matched my original starting bank roll :) Thinking that’s enough for 1 night I left the table with $11.65.

Sitting down again, can of Coke and some dry roasted nuts. I load up BestPoker again and sit down with the $1.65 and waited on my good cards, suited connectors or pairs. The good thing is that you can always see a flop cheap, as nobody really raises unless they have AA, KK or something like it.

Well, playing again I bet out if its all checked around to me, and fold thinking I’ve got top pair or something, when in fact sometimes I was just 9 high ;) But I was soon up to about $5 again, and just waited for the cards to come to make my move with. You can use your bigger stack against the smaller stacks as well, because they don’t want their money to be wiped out! Still playing I soon went up to $10, making a total bank roll of $20, thus a $10 profit!!! Leaving the table when I was at about $13 dollars, looking at my bank roll having $23 dollars in it gave me a good feeling.

Again last night (Wednesday November 28th) I sat down to BestPoker, same can of Coke, and nuts (thinking these could be lucky) and took my $3 to the table. I did exactly the same as the last time, seeing flops, folding if it was bet at or putting a small bet to see were I stood. By small bet I mean $0.10, and most of the time this was enough to make people fold. But if didn’t, then you know to fold if you haven’t got anything. Anyways, I was playing my cards last night and I got up to about $9. I was thinking this would be the last few hands to play as it became a bit late, but then I got dealt 2 cards of Diamonds, not remembering the exact cards though. I thought, oh well… let me just see the flop, which consisted of all Diamonds!!!

Now there was a guy here who had been showing bluffs all night long, and had taken a $6 bet earlier which I think put him a bit on tilt. I raised to $2 thinking I’m just going to pick up the blinds with my flush, but he raised me all in for about $9, almost the same as I had. I thought about it for a split second and called, thinking I was beaten though the percentage was 100% to me! He was drawing dead on the flop with just 7 high. What was he thinking??? So with a pot of just under $20 I was like WOW! $40 in the bank roll, that’s a $30 profit. Then over the chat box this guy said: OMG how could you’ve made that call, that’s such a bad call :( I replied that it’s a flush! be careful with your money ;)

Playing away I realize I have $25 at the table, and decided to leave. So I now have $45 in my poker bank roll from a starting $10 :D I’m very happy with this result, and it shows that you don’t need to play big ball poker to make a decent profit. Maybe if your reading this and you play poker on BestPoker look out for me, Scott 20uk :D

Would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to my backer for giving me advise on my game, and always there to help. So thank you!!!