Well I’m still playing PokerStars trying to reach my target of 100.000 play chips by December 25th, I’ve got 21.000 at the minute and still going strong! Playing the SNG’s and doing well at them.

Also, I have started to play the $50,000 freeroll where the top 6 people get a ticket to the $50,000 freeroll. The other 26 top finishers all make the money, and with a field of about 10000 people I expect to be there for quite some time bringing on my best game. I came 2987 out of 10000 people, some may say that’s quite poor, but for my 1st go at it I didn’t feel too bad.


Finally I’ve been playing BestPoker, and I do really like it. The competition is very hard and there are so many quality players. I’ve been playing the $1.00 + $0.20 SNG’s. I’ve probably won about 4 and lost about 4, but it’s all a learning curve and I’m keeping a note of were I could be going wrong. I’ve also started to use my notes now because I noticed that I seen a few of the same names time and time again! I do like BestPoker and if you don’t have an account I’d say: Why not, it’s great and well worth the play! Cash games and tourney’s are always available and you can create private tables for you and your mates. So what are you waiting for, click on the link on this site and get playing! :) Look out for me on the tables, scott 20uk.

Live Play

Well it’s just cash games now @ my local pub until after the new year. So it’s 5 UK Pounds buy-in, and away you go. I sat down to a full table of 9 people, had the time to pick my hands with the blinds just being at 25-50, and with a starting stack of 4500 I could be picky. Playing only the best hands, I got dealt pocket 9’s, raised it to 300 and got 2 callers. Flop brought a 9 which gave me a set. I used some Jamie Gold talk and got someone to call, then to call again, and then to fold adding some extra chips to my stack.

Still picking my moments, I got dealt pocket Jacks and someone went all in for 1,025. Someone called and I pushed all in sensing weakness. He then called me for 3,775 which put him all in as well. So that’s 3 people all in. 1 guy turns over J/T and the other 97. I have them dominated, and the Jacks hold up! That gave me more chips to sit on and wait for my time, and that’s exactly what I did. With the final 2 in play I had about 35,000 in chips. My opponent had just 5,000, so I kept raising on all good hands. Just the 3rd hand into heads up game when the other guy went all in with a K97 flop. I called that holding Q-7 while he had J-7. The other 2 cards came blank for both and I won on better kicker!!! So with a win of 45 UK Pounds back made me feel happy. Some free drinks completed to make this night a good one!