Well after my holiday to Magaluf, which was a blast, I got back into playing poker again. I missed playing poker on my holiday…


PokerStars seems to be the site I log into the most, playing the free play Sit ‘n Go and the English_Irish $100 freeroll, which I seem to cash in nearly every time! From not even making a deposit at PokerStars I’m up to about $8, does not seem like a lot, but it’s great to play the small Sit ‘n Gos with, and you don’t get the all in people every time, because it’s real money!

I seem to be playing the 45 person SNG’s as the 9 person SNG I feel is less of a challenge, 45 person is quite a deep stack tourney so you have to wait on the cards, bluffing you can not really do as it’s play money people will call you on just about anything, so you really have to make sure you have the best hand in your eyes!

As for the $100 freeroll, everybody seems to play properly which is good. I missed a few though because our clocks have gone back an hour, meaning the freeroll now starts at 7pm (reg. at 5pm) now instead of the 8pm start. Which is good, means I get to pay the Hubbles freeroll as well ($1000 freeroll if you make it to round 2).


BestPoker, I’m still not made up on this one yet. I played a few of the freerolls but that’s about it, I’m not sure what I think of it yet, I really need to pay some real money on there I think, then I will make up my mind on it. The other players all seem to be good though and even on play money they fold and not chase cards, which is good in some respects!

My Live Cash Game

Sitting around a table with a group of friends, a few cold beers and poker! What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon? Perfect!!!

So there’s 6 people in this, 5 pounds buy-in (1 re-buy before the 1st hour – you have to be out of chips before re-buy is aloud). Thinking to myself that I’m probably going to be a bit rusty as I’ve not played live in ages, but to be honest I did really well. Small blind 50, big blind 100. I got Q of clubs. I raised up to 300 and got 2 callers, flop comes down Q, 3, 10. I check it and the table checks it out, turn is a 7 and I think to myself, no more free cards and beat about half the pot which was about 500. I think there was fold and a call. The river brings a 9, and I bet 800. I get called, my opponent holds pocket Jacks, so my Queens beat him for a nice little pot there.

I was folding away since I was only playing the best hands, or suited connectors… with 3 people left in me and 2 others, I decided to mix my game up a bit, but that turned out to be a bad move. I had 3c 2c and flopped a set of 2’s pushing nearly all my stack in on the turn. The river brought the other guy a straight, not knowing this I pushed all in and got a instant call :( Not to worry though I felt like I did OK for my 1st game back from holiday.

As for the re-buy I felt it’s best not to re-buy when you taken a beat because I’m just steaming from the beat and my card playing wouldn’t be up to par!

High Stakes Poker – Season 4

OMG, you all need to start watching this, what a great show! It’s on the video section of Poker For Free! It’s awesome, the 7-2 game brought in by Laak really makes people thinking. Imagine, there’s even going to be a $500,000 buy-in game!!! With up to 6 million on the table, how can you say no to watching this great show! Also the final of the WSOP main event is all so showing on YouTube and other internet sites now! Does anybody even know where Jamie Gold finished this year???