VC Poker – $200 Poker Club Freeroll

I downloaded VC Poker sometime ago and was waiting for this freeroll for ages. I sat down to a tourney of 300 players, all poker for free members! :)

I was the 1st big blind, and had something like 8-4 off suit. I decided to fold as a raise was called. To be honest this hand was representative for the kind of hands I was getting all night. I was bluffing my way around, got me a couple of pots but nothing huge. When I did find myself with say J-T, I raised a small amount and nothing would come on the flop. When I bet at it trying for a bluff I got called so instead of bluffing all my chips away I decided to fold… I was dealt K-7 suited of hearts and decided to make my move, pushing all in with my stack of 1000 chips left (starting with 2000 each). I got 1 caller holding A-X. The flop came down, all black cards and not even one pair. The turn was an A and the river… well that didn’t matter, nothing could of helped me as I was drawing dead :( So going out in 132nd place (or very close to that) out of 300 people is not too bad I suppose, but since I was that card dead, what else could I do :(

PokerStars Sit ‘n Gos

I’m playing a lot more now on PokerStars, these Sit ‘n Gos I feel are really helping to develop my game! Everyone plays properly and has a decent game. I’m building up my chip bank very nicely now! I would recommend to play these these to anybody if you want to practice playing poker! Great way to get used to the Sit ‘n Gos without wasting money. :)

PokerStars Brittish Irish $100 Freeroll

I sat down at 8 PM (UK time) to play this and as I’m playing on PokerStars more than I thought, I would try to get in the top 100 of this as there are always about 2000 registered players! And ohh my, I was hitting cards like A-K, A-J, J-J, A-A, 7-7, and K-Q. I was getting all the best hands and was making the flops a little bit more expensive for anyone to get a flop! And ohh my, was it working… getting up to about 12,000 in chips and being the table chip leader gave me a little more power as nobody really wanted to get knocked out!

I was raising preflop on good cards, and always making pot sized bets. The cards just kept coming and when I looked at the stats I was 3rd out of 1004 people left. Playing away just the good cards, I soon realized we were down to 800 players. The blinds were taking out all the “sit out people”, so the number of players was falling fast! My chip stack was now at about 60,000 and with only 200 people left I was in the money.

It was only a small amount, but I didn’t care about the $0.12 or whatever they were giving. I just wanted to reach my goal! My player notes came in really hand as well. If it wasn’t for them I would have lost 15,000 to a guy that in my notes said “bluffs with random bets like 1,967”. So I called and guess what… he was bluffing and I took him out of the game. :)

With the players now down to about 100 I was really happy and starting to play a few more mediocre hands. Still sitting around the 60,000 mark I was looking good, and down to 80 players I thought maybe I could do this… maybe I could win, but then I got involved in a big pot worth about 30,000 and I lost :( a straight to a flush! so that crippled me a bit. Down to 50 players I was very happy with the way I played, getting dealt A-T I decided to push all in with my remaining chips. I got one caller who had A-A.

So that was me done, but going out in 42nd place I was very happy since my goal was to make the top 100 and I did that and won myself $0.20 at the same time. ;) Besides, I also got recognized there as a “Poker For Free Poker Pro”! He he :)

Monday Night League

Well what can I say… I finished 3rd over all after a couple of weeks of poor play from myself and not such great cards, but thats a good place to finish. So going to be my aim for next season is to win ;)

Playing the cash game that we have at the end of each 12 week season I was so card dead, it was unreal. I don’t know what it is at the minute, I’m just not getting the cards. I know it sounds like I’m just excusing myself, but honest to God, I’ve had so many card dead games lately, live and online. My luck’s gotta change soon! Going out in 9th place I’m well out of the money. :(

Getting a drink and sitting down again the players that got knocked out had a small 5 pounds Sit ‘n Go! I played this and guess what, I WON! Finally I won something, I was getting really naff cards, but hitting them making full house’s and trips!

Now why couldn’t it do that in the big cash game? I took the 1st person out, having 9-5. The flop came A-K-9. I bet about 300 and got called. The turn was a 5, so now I’ve got 2 pairs. I bet 500 to be called again, and the river, another 9 made me a full house! I went all in 3000 and got called, like I thought he had an Ace in his hand, and my cards just kept coming! And I won :) so happy about that!

Let’s hope my run of cards keeps coming. I’m looking forward to all the freerolls coming up on Poker For Free and I’ve also downloaded Party Poker. For all of you who haven’t got this yet: GET IT! It’s very good and there’s always a game you want. I’m just getting used to it and its great! Great game play, loads of people to play. Just what you want if you need a poker fix!