So like I said last week, PokerStars has these great play money Sit ‘n Gos that I feel really help you to get better and pick up reads on people. Also playing a 46 person SNG is a great way to keep your tournament play fresh! And like I said before… its free!

Playing these I always feel like I’m going to get a million and one bluffs, or all in’ers, but really you don’t. People play to win, and the more play chips you get, the better Sit ‘n Gos you get to enter! My screen name is Scott_20UK and you will find me on the SNG tables 310 + 40 most days, so if you see me say hi :)

I’ve won a few of these SNG’s, so I’m making my way up playing only the best cards. My best hand on PokerStars has been a Straight Flush hitting it on the river. My worst beat was Kings over Aces, to be beat by Aces over Kings :(

Monday Night League

So as usual I play live poker on a Monday night. Sitting down at my table I realise I’ve got a OK table, apart from a guy called Norton who’s a really strong and aggressive player. Having him on my right really didn’t help me :( No cheap flops, no nothing, so I really had to select my cards! But my luck must of come in as he got taken out first. It was a bad beat I have to say, but it helped me because now my table was full of people who only play now and then. I got lucky so bad though, on like my 7th hand flop comes 2, 5, 10. I’m holding 9-10 and check. Someone bets 200, and I call. The turn is a 6. I check, and the guy bets 400. This guy is renoud to do this, and moving all in on the river. He’s the one that’s “got you beat every time”, the kind’ a guy which talks air a lot according to most players. So I decided to push all in. He calls and turns over A-10, making me think to myself: “OK, I’m going to be crippled if he wins”, but the river brings a lucky 9… Whooooo! (Punching the air.) I’m not out! My 2 Pairs in the ending beating his Pair with top kicker. Knocking him out helped to increase my chip stack, and I made it to the final table…

On the final table 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th were all on there and I decided to play really tight, hoping that the others would go out before me. 1st and 2nd place did, so that helped me as I was 4th and with only 20 points between the top 4 places I was good. The blinds were starting to chip into my stack, so Having Q-Q I pushed all in. I got one caller, so with a pot of about 20,000 he held A-K. I was a little worried of the flop, after saying “low cards” to the dealer about a million times, the flop comes J, 7, 9. The turn was a 2 and the river a 4. I’m safe, and made a big chip stack. Holding on to my chip stack just playing the blinds and letting the others knock each other out gave me a 3rd place finish, putting me back in the prizes. I went out on A-9, not remembering the flop, but I’m sure the guy won on a Straight :( But still I’m back in the prizes!