So to start the week I thought to myself, I’m going to play more Internet poker freerolls this week, as I haven’t played any for ages! And with Poker For Free giving all the best Sites for the freerolls I decided to play PokerStars British_Irish freerolls it starts at 8pm (UK time).

So I played the 1st one of about 2000 entries and didn’t do well, playing very loose, and chasing so many cards, I came something like 1400 which kind’ a sucks, and for a few more nights I was not getting under the 1000 mark, with hitting bad cards and sucking out on the river…

Then my luck turned Saturday night. I sat down again and this time there were 1522 entrants, I was hitting good cards from the start, all A-Q, K-J, 10-10 that kind’ a thing and always hitting the flop, Flushes and Trips everywhere. I got myself up to a very nice 22,000 in chips from a starting chip count of 1,500.

With the 1st break about to come in I was still sitting, pretty just playing the best cards, and waiting for my turn to strike! One guy I noticed was calling just about everything, I thought great person to pick off his chip stack. His stack was about 30,000, and I think he got there by hitting cards when it counted. So I thought I would try to get me and him in the pot, and I did to sting 10,000 off him, he held 9-9 I had A-J, and my Ace held up hitting one on the flop. So with that the guy went into all in mode, every hand all in. I just sat back and watched him tilt, and the obvious happened, he went out of the tourney! So now I’m looking at about 35,000 in chips, and the 2nd break starting.

I’m now in the money, not big money but anything is a bonus. I play for the fun and the excitement, starting the 3rd time. Blinds were now up at 1,200/600. I thought making a move soon would be good because the blinds still creep up on you, and since I was making a very satisfactory placement of somewhere in between 30-40. I can’t quite remember but out of 1522 to come there I played well I think! I’ve now freerolled enough times to have enough in my bankroll to play micro stakes poker and try to build up a bigger bankroll… :)

VC Poker

So I downloaded VC Poker also from Poker For Free after reading about the free money you can get, $10 for free which works out at 6 UK pounds. I started playing micro stakes poker, $0.01/$0.02 blinds but thought I wasn’t getting much from it, so I played the $1.10/$0.40 Sit and Go’s with 6 players to a table. This proved more cost effective. By winning I was increasing my bankroll, just letting the others fight between themselves, and waiting on the good cards, going up to about 10 UK pounds, I thought I would enter the $5.20/$0.30 Sit and Go, and winning that one gave me $21 dollars I think :) My VC account is now looking very nice, and I’m just playing the Sit and Go’s now. My aim is to try get to the $100 dollar mark by the end of the year! Playing a 30 person sit and go the other day, I came 2 places before the money which I was gutted about but still, its all a learning curve!!! :)

Live Play @ My Local League

4,500 starting chips! Sitting down, my table is full of people below me, all below 5th place, so they are a bit of a hazard to me, as they not got quite enough to loose as me. So I decided to play only the very best cards, took a few small pots down with just Pairs, 2 Pairs but to be honest I was card dead for most of my time at the table, having loads of 5-8, 3-7, 9-2, that kind’ a thing. Then after a while I decided to mix my game yet again, I can feel this being one of my weaknesses as I hate sitting for an hour or so on only 2 hands, and with the blinds going up every 15 minutes you soon notice your chip stack falling short. Taking down another pot Ace High Flush put me back to a healthy chip stack, but then the dead hands came again, and the blinds crippling me. I decided to make my move when I got pocket queens in my hand, and pushed all-in with my remaining 2,900 chips. I got called by 7-8 hearts… Flop: I hit nothing. River: also a blank, but landed the other guy with a straight :( My queens didn’t hold up and that was me out’ a the tourney, a disappointing 8th place :( But my position is still holding up. I’m still 1st, but 2nd and 3rd are breathing down my neck now with maybe only 5-10 splitting us all. (Will have to check that though.) Maybe next week there will be a better result.

Must say everyone liked my Poker For Free T-shirt :) So all good!!!