Leader board event at Poker Nordica

The Poker For Free freeroll, about 90 players were registered? I think due to a small error with GMT+1 hour… Getting seated at the table, it’s my 1st visit to Poker Nordica and everything looks great, the cards are nice to read, the players sitting well, 10 minute blinds so a good game is going to be in hand. For the 1st blind limit I didn’t see 1 picture card, not even a pocket pair, so I really had no choice but to fold away…

I get a hand of Q-J suited of clubs, I raised up to about 60 which was 3 times the big blind, and I got 4 callers. Not really what I wanted to see, but the flop came down J-T-8 rainbow.

I made a pot sized bet hoping to take the pot there and then, didn’t wanna see no more cards. I got one person calling me, “Forsenking”, the turn brought a 5 so that was ok. I bet about 300 chips and got called again, the river was a Q, now giving me 2 pairs. I check because of the straight draw with “Forsenking” pushing nearly all his chip stack into the pot. I don’t know but it screamed 9… giving him a straight which had me battered… I decided to fold with him showing 8-9… a good fold for me.

A few more hands down the line and me with about 700 in chips… I was in the Big Blind with 30 in and 3-2 suited of hearts. I check, the flop comes down 4-2-2, nobody’s betting, and then someone puts a 200 bet in. I thought he might have got a 4? I raised him about 200 on top and he puts me all-in, thinking that maybe he has A-2, but with me being so committed to the pot I had to call him. I think he showed A-J, but the turn brought another 2! I made quads and the river was a 3 to add a little bit of salt to his wound. I was very happy that I made quads and won a pot :)

Then the card dead part came again trying to wait it out. I got dealt K-J, I thought a raise up would get rid of people but I got one caller. The flop brought nothing, so thought a bet would put him off, but he called. The turn brought nothing as well, he checked and I thought maybe he’s weak and pushed the rest of my chip stack in the middle. After a short think he called and showed pocket T’s. I needed a King or Jack on the river… which didn’t come.

I had loads of fun though, and there was some great action… Some of the people at my table were “Forsenking”, “Pokeristu232” and “BestBoy1”, it was great playing you all and I look forward to playing you all again soon! Don’t forget to register for the leader board!


I’m still playing PokerStars as well, I really enjoy this site as there’s something that keeps making me go back to it. I think the play money S&G’s are what do it for me! Not a huge fan of the new freeroll they got, but if you want some very deep stack playing, and you have lady luck on your side I would go for it. I can be found playing the S&G’s 9 person table’s or the 18 person tables.

Live Poker

Playing the other night (Monday night) I was getting annoyed of the amount of people that was limping in. We were having like 7-way pots all the time, while I had big cards or pocket pairs. I was raising 3 times the BB almost every hand. I say that it was annoying because of the “new people” that started playing poker, but I was getting really frustrated getting big cards hitting the flop, betting big and not getting some kind of gut shot, funky draw because they limped in with any 2 cards and stayed in the pot… Guess what, last night I got beat sooooo much but lucky? Questionable hands… But that’s poker I guess. I came out 4th of about 15 people, so not too bad.