CD Poker

Playing CD Poker is very enjoyable, I really like the game play. I’ve been playing cash on there for a while now, and it seems good, there’s not so much “fishing” even on the small stakes, and people respect bets. I’ve been up and down from my starting $10. I just like to play, really love to see flops with good cards, and sometimes the small connecting 2-3 4-5 kind of hands.

The only bad beat I’ve had is when I had A-A and the flop came A-T-K all of spades, giving me trips. The next card came, a Q also of spades, and you can guess what the other player had in his hand, the Jack of spades… A lil frustrated by it maybe, but I really didn’t put him on a Jack, nor a flush draw because he checked and when I bet min, he just flat called the checked the turn. I bet min, he called, and you would have thought he was weak or maybe say on a King? But then the final card came, I tad doughts now, but to be bluffed on nothing maybe? And throwing such a good hand away… I was already pot committed in some sense, as I only took $3 dollars to the table and maybe had $2 in there already! But he was happy with his royal flush (and my money) and I learned another lesson on poker! So even though I may have lost, I learned something in the process!

The freeroll tourneys are great, they do fill up really quickly though, so you really have to sit and wait for them to open for registration, but the game play is great. Everyone plays proper and respects bets even on the freerolls, and its quite easy to make the money if you play good cards, think about the way and how much your betting! Plus there seems to be some very good SNG’s and some satellites I want to play in, when I next get $$$ on my account, to see how I can do on them? Seat at the WSOP?? I can only wish…. But you never know!


I’m still playing the PokerStars freerolls and the NL heads up games, they are really fun, and great to play… I’ve made it into the (Play) Money loads of times, its just a great way, I feel, to brush up on the skills for when your at the final table heads up against people, live or online.

Live Play

I still haven’t played much live because all the leagues are finishing or changing days that I can’t get to, but my other league has now finished and my good friend Ben won it. He plays good poker! So well done Ben, I think I came in about 4th or 5th place, so not too bad waiting for the new league to start. I’ve missed a few of the other leagues days due to being busy, so I’ve got no chance of winning them now, but I’m still going to play for the practice and just for the fun, you never know if I will all of them from now until I finish. Maybe I can get to 3rd place or something, I will have to look at the leader board to find out!