Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker holds a couple of freerolls through the day and they all fill up quite quick. I’ve been ranking anywhere from 47th place to 23rd of about 3000 people, being at my best, because the blinds soon start creeping up on you. But the other day I found my self at 20th place, 10 away from the money with a noticeable chip stack that wasn’t being killed from the blinds. I was playing my blinds and just sitting tight being just 10 away from the money.

I got A-A and made a pot size raise, and got a person push all in. Now most people would instantly call but A-A can lose just as much as 7-2 in my eyes, although the odds seemed very good for me. I did call and he showed K-K in his hand, so as long as no runner-runner or anything funny like that appears I would be good. Damn, a K on the flop making his 3 of a kind, thinking I’m out I watched the turn being blank and then the river….. ACE! Three of a kind Ace’s, yes!

Now I’m very comfy in chips and I can sit and play my blinds only, unless I get some very good cards. Now being just 3 away from the money, there’s a 3 way all in call on the other table, thinking this was great, but the chip leader had the most chips, so he wasn’t going out. I was hoping that he would take both the all-in calls out, but he only took one of them out, so that left 2 more to go.

Down to 12 people with both tables shorthanded. The blinds were pushing up on people and soon enough I’ve was In The Money! I think the 10th place paid $8? As we all were on 1 table now, the blinds increased took out the short stacks. If anybody pushed all-in, I would fold and let the other people take them out. Now it was all about how much money I could get and the money went up with each person going out! Down to 9 people… then 8… then 7… I was thinking great, I’m going to make some good $$$ for free.

6th place soon fell, also that was a A-A hand losing to J-10, hitting a straight Jack high. So now I’m guaranteed at least $18 and I got dealt A-K. This was definitely my pushing in hand. I got called by A-Q and he hit his Queen, so I’m out… but $18 for free is great and I’ve learned now to really play my hands hard while the blinds are low, so I can have a comfy chip lead and not worry about the blinds once they increase.

My $18 has turned into $24 by now and I’m going to keep playing micro stakes poker and just build up my bankroll, and of course I’m going to keep playing the freerolls.

CD Poker

Playing CD Poker for cash is great just like VC Poker, which I also have played the players are of a good quality and they respect bets, the SNG’s are great also, I will have more on this when I’ve played more hands but its very good play and I like the layout and the players are great I would recommend a account here!


If you want some really long, deep stack and challenging poker games, then I recommend the Hubble freeroll on PokerStars. It gets about 12,000 people that enter and seems to go on forever. The best position I’ve got to until now, is about 3,000 or so. The blinds are set-up nicely, and there’s plenty of action. I love playing this freeroll. I’m also still playing the 9/18 person play money Sit ‘n Gos, trying to reach my target of 50,000 play chips. I think these serve great to learn on how to make the best bets and reading online tells.

Live Play

So, one of my leagues has now finished and I’m down to just my local league which I really enjoy playing. I’m playing there with my friends and I enjoy the banter that goes on, although some people don’t like the talk at the tables. I always find something to talk about, and I don’t think it affects my play at all to be honest, because I’ve done this from day one. I have missed one week, because I had to go to London for a audition, but I shall be playing again tonight and I need to finish in the top 3 to put me in 4th place. With prizes going to the first three positions, puts me right on target with another eight weeks to go.

I’ve also noticed that I’m starting to play a lot of different hands lately and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. People don’t expect you to be playing certain hands. I fold when I miss the flop and it only costs me the blinds. I’ve been playing a lot of cards, like 5-6, 9-10, 2-3, that kind of thing. I don’t know if this is good or bad for my game, so if anybody has any views on this, please use the forum and let me know what you think.