Playing at PokerStars I thought of entering the NLHE Heads up $1000 + $50 (play money). So I registered and waited for it to start, thinking to myself: “people will go all-in all the time being heads up…” What I noticed was people raising a lot and hoping to hit the flop and others having small pocket pairs in hand.

The best way I find is to bet small amounts, unless I have the absolute nuts. I always try to see a cheap flop, as then you know if you have hit it or not, making my hand playable. Also watch out for the bluffs. I had one guy re-raise me when I had 3 of a kind 9’s. He re-raised on nothing hoping me to fold my hand, maybe he thought I had a weak hand, but even my way of betting should have rang bells telling him I was holding something strong!

4096 people entered the tournament and I came 80th. I think that’s amazing, a really good position. My strategy worked out about 4/5 heads up matches, but the competition became so much harder closer to the top. I’m going to play these more often, they’re fun and its a great way to work on your live play when playing heads up!

CD Poker

I am playing at CD Poker lately and enjoy the colours and table layouts. I haven’t played with real cash on here yet, but I will soon. I enjoy the Sit ‘n Gos that are going on but they fill up very quick, so that’s a thing to keep in mind. Other than that it’s a great site with great promotions and with the Poker For Free bonus you’ll get $20 extra on first deposit. I recommend everyone to get an account over at CD Poker. I think they are very enjoyable and if you’re not playing for real money, there are plenty of freerolls as well, including Poker For Free’s monthly private freerolls!

Live Play – The Bells – Monday night league!

This was my first time playing in another pub after they’ve changed venue. Everyone was getting back in their flow, but I forgot how some of the people played. I was just playing my hands and getting an OK chip stack. When I was dealt A-3 of hearts with a A-4-5 (two hearts) flop I pushed quite a bit into the pot. The turn came with a 9 and the river a 4, giving me two pair A’s and 4’s, but not completing my flush.

The other guy turned a full house 4’s full of 9’s and that ended that hand. I didn’t think anybody would have stayed in the pot after my 1st bet, but I guess I’ve got to be really careful for this from now on!

Loaded Nightclubs – Wednesday night league!

Game 1

Playing the 1st of 2 games, as we missed a week last week, I sat down to a full table of 10 all the same faces. I enjoy playing in this league as it’s in a really nice venue, with a very nice table. Food and drink are also available, even at 10PM at night you can get a full English breakfast if you want.

Anyways, playing poker I found myself playing a lot of suited connectors and it was working really well. I was getting lucky and hitting many flops, just waiting for people to bet into me, then either flat calling or raising over the top to pressure them. It was working and we were getting down to the final 3 on my table. I had a good chip stack, maybe even 1st in chips.

It was very close between me and a guy called Matt. Another friend, Chris, moved all-in for 3000 in chips. I called with 5-6 of diamonds. I know… maybe a silly call but with about 25,000 in chips you might understand why I called. Suited connectors worked for me all night, but not with this hand. He turned A-Q and hit an Ace on the all black flop, so that was me dead with no outs. I lost 3000 chips there but still had 22,000 chips left over, leaving me still good.

Later, calling his all-in with K-T hitting a King and knocked Chris out. I was now heads up with Matt, just waiting on cards to come until I got dealt J-T unsuited hitting the flop. I got called, then called again thinking he might have held a big pocket pair. It turned out he had A-K, so I won the pot right there, which took him down to about 10,000. On the next hand I received pocket T’s. I moved him all-in pre flop. He called with something like A-6 and my Tens held up. I won the 1st game!

Game 2

Playing game 2 now with a table of 6 this time. The 1st hand I got pocket rockets (A-A) and raised up to 200 from the 50 big blind. I got re-raised to 1000 and I put the guy all-in straight away. He turned over J-T suited and I showed him my Aces making him look a little wild. The flop brought him a ten, so now he had some outs there, but my pocket rockets held up and I took someone out on the 1st hand.

After that it was the same kind of luck from the 1st game. I took someone out on 2 pairs 7’s and T’s, then made it to heads up playing again against a good player named Ben. He respects bets and plays very good poker. I lost to him but a second place was just as good. I’m now in the top 3 of the league!