So, after a long time of getting beaten on BestPoker I decided to give up on playing Internet poker for a while, but later on I decided that 2008 was going to be a great year for poker, so I eventually logged into my BestPoker account again to play some PLAY money SNG’s. I know play money is quite a different story, but still I’ve managed to win something just about every game I’ve played. I definitely made the last 3 all of the times and I’m now getting some great cards again.

My mind’s currently more refreshed, I’ve recovered from losing a bit of money and am now back on track to play money again. So… a little advise from someone that knows, if you do lose a BIG pot, turn off your laptop/PC and take a break from it all together. Play live to stay focused, but just don’t play online…

My live league has just started up again after changing venues. I’m now playing in my local nightclub, so I will have more news about how my games coming along as of this Sunday! I apologize that my report is really short this time, but I will have more to tell next time!

Happy new year,