Introduction of a new blogger

Scott Brown, one of Poker For Free’s active members will be blogging weekly about his progress online, as well as in real live.

  • Name Scott Brown
  • Age 21 (13-09-1985)
  • Location Spalding, UK

I play poker live at least 2 times a week and play online just about everyday! It’s something I’ve been playing for just under a year now. I got the bug from watching Poker Superstars 2 on Bravo (Sky TV). Went out bought some poker chips and asked about who played, and then looked online and the winning hands, then played and from that it’s progressed to a hobby and something I really like playing. I play on VC Poker / PokerStars / TigerGaming. My screen name is Scott21Spalding or Scott20UK.

Monday Night League

I also play live poker in my local league, Once a week, and play in another live game through the week 1 of which is a sit and go the other is a 12 week tourney were all places are based on points with the top 3 places paid. :D The league consists of 28 or more players (pending on who turns up), 8 players to a table, and 8 players go to the final table. The field of players is a complete mix of first timers to the good regular players. We all start on about 4,500 chips, (2 x 1000 chips, 3 x 500 chips, 8 x 100 chips, 8 x 25 chips) and the levels go up every 15 min, starting with 25/50 blinds. So I’m 1st in the league at this moment. I’ve placed a few final table finishes, and then a 2nd, 3rd and two 1st place finishes. :D

So I’m going to pick up the run down from this Monday.

Sitting down at my table, I look to see who I’m going to be playing, so far a nice easy table, of people that don’t play too much, they tend to be very loose, but hard to read, as you never quite know what they got. Then a guy called Norton sits down to my table. He has won the event 2 times running, taken top prize and plays loads more than me, he’s a good better, and knows how to walk the walk and talk the talk. I have a lot of respect for his play. So we kick of and everything I’m being dealt is rubbish, loads of 9-3, 5-9, that kind of thing. Everyone’s going into the pot because the blinds are “cheap” so I’m folding away, then hit A-10 of diamonds, and raise it up 300 over the 50 Bb… I get 4 callers!!! which I hate because you don’t know what these people have got, flop comes down a blank but brings 2 diamonds, so I put another small bet in, and I get 2 callers, the turn comes a blank also, so thinking I’m not going to put anymore in the pot, I check and then someone bets 1000, so I fold, and starting to get frustrated as the blinds are starting to chew my sack. I’m thinking should I play more random any 2 cards? Keep them on there toes? The blinds are now 200/400, still not seeing very good cards. I hear 2nd place (overall) has gone out 1st. :D This is a good thing for me as I’m currently 1st in the league. Knowing they wouldn’t catch me I decided to mix my game up a bit, I raised pre flop on J-6 (off-suit), about 600 more on top of the big blind, and get 1 caller. A guy called Clive, also a good player been playing for years, a lot older and wiser than me. The flop brings an Ace with 2 blanks, I’ve hit nothing, but I put in an 800 bet and he calls. The turn brings a J, so now I’ve got something on the board, I bet 1000 after a small time thinking about how I should bet, and saying nearly every card in the deck he folds. This is how I got to my final table, just playing random cards, and hoping that I hit, I wasn’t playing stupid if I didn’t hit and someone bet before me I would fold, but if it was checked all the way to me, then I would bet!

Final table, 8 of us on there all good players who play a lot, all except Norton, who got knocked out just before the final table. I was thinking I could just stick around and wait for the short stacks to go. Just folding was a good idea and playing my blinds saw me in 4th, but now I was short stacked. So someone goes all in, and I’m looking at Q-J. Another guy calls the guy, the other guy folds. I then pushed all in, the pot was of a nice size, so thought why not, the guy then says: “Your not pushing me out of the pot!” At this point, any other time he would have folded, but he called since he had the nuts pre-flop A-A. Seeing A-A layed down very proudly I said good luck to all, and waited for the flop… 22,000 in the pot, and the flop comes, 9-10-K. Bring it on! I’ve made a straight punching the air. I look at the guy with bullets, to get “I got lucky” said, LOL. ;) The turn and river were blanks for everyone. Now I’m 3rd and feeling good. The blinds are going up again and again, 5000/10,000, so after folding a few times, I realized I’m not going to be in much longer as I had 1 and a half blinds left I pushed all in with x-J (off-suit) wishing good luck again. Flop comes J-7-9 thinking to myself looking good, the other guy had A-2, turn was a blank for both but to my dismay the deadly river brought a Ace!!! :(

But im happy with a 3rd, that’s 55 more points to my total, and still looking strong only a couple more weeks to go before it’s over. I’m sure I can hold on to that 1st spot! :)

Best tell of the night: I saw someone counting the straight to see if he had made it on his fingers before betting. ;)