There are a ton of different poker games out there and while the general rules stay the same, when you’re first starting out it can be a little tricky to remember all the details. If you’re sitting down for a game of Razz, it’s important that you remember you’re aiming for a lower straight, A to 5 being the best possible hand even if it’s otherwise very similar to 7 card stud. The most popular game, and the one you’re probably going to run into most, is Texas Hold’em and keeping in mind how the different hands stack up is even more important than bluffing if you want to be successful.

To help out, we’ve put together an Infographic with one of the UK casino online superstars, that goes through the hands you can get as well as how they fare against each other. We’ve gone in order of strongest to weakest but have also included the odds of getting each hand. While you’re always guaranteed to have a minimum of a high card, the odds of getting a pair are actually better for Hold’ Em so it’s quite likely you’ll end up with something in your hand before long. The odds of getting a Royal Flush in the flop (as in five cards out of the deck) is a gargantuan 649,740:1. They get a lot better once you take into account the two cards in your hand though with 30,940:1. For more hands and their break down, see below!

Poker Hand Rankings Infographic