After 4 weeks of hard work, many days and nights of coding, designing and migrating I have finally launched Poker For Free Version 2.

All important features work, but there is still some work left, though you will probably not even notice :)

What’s new?

First of all, we have recently said goodbye to a couple of poker rooms we used to promote. We decided it’s better to focus on 12 at max, that way we simply have more and better opportunities as we are able to give less rooms more exposure. As a visitor you will certainly going to feel the benefits of this soon.

Secondly, we have been implementing many new features. I like to specially thank the crew (Kurt, Bernd and Max) at Max Poker Bonus for making this possible plus their support and patience :)

New features include:

More rooms will be added to the schedule soon.

    • Poker Articles (Blog, which finally makes it possible to submit comments)

Feel free to post your comments (and suggestions) and let us know what you think of the new site. Wanna write a guest blog? Just let us know and we set it up.

So… many new things, a lot more information and I am pretty sure that I have forgotten to mention a lot more. Also, much stuff around the site has been updated and/or improved, for instance the Leader Board, which soon will start again. Have a look at the history… Is your name in it? Congrats :)

See you at the tables,