Terms and Conditions for Poker For Free’s Leader Board

At Poker For Free we like to reward our Poker Club members, so we came up with an internal leader board. Everybody is allowed to join, but to participate you will need to become a registered Poker Club member, which is free of charge.

Poker For Free negotiates special events, such as freerolls and added tournaments with low buy-ins, with our premium partners. Besides a freeroll and an added tournament, they have to toss in an extra prize, which will be rewarded to the top finishers at the end of a leader board month.


At the end of a month, the top finishers (depending on the amount of participating poker rooms) will be rewarded with extra prizes provided by the participating poker rooms, usually entry tokens for guaranteed poker tournaments and merchandise, occasionally real cash prizes. All prizes are known before a monthly leader board starts.

Poker For Free Points

Poker Club tracks the best tournament players during a month who have signed-up for our leader board events. Our sophisticated point tracking system is designed to rank the top finishing players and rewarding them with Poker For Free Points as given in the standard payout table. The distribution of points is based on the type of event and the amount of participators in a specific event.

The results will be published to the public once Poker For Free receives them from the online poker room hosting the event, usually one or two days after.

Screen Names

Before you sign-in to the members only zone to pick up your password, you will be given the ability to register for that specific leader board event. Registration simply means providing us with your screen name you’ll be using at the specific online poker room. This is done in a web form (after signing-in) specially developed for Poker Club’s leader board, so that we are able to keep a record and issue your Poker For Free Points in case you’ll become a top finisher.

It is solely the responsibility of a member that he or she submits the correct screen name. This cannot be changed once a leader board event has started. If you have mistyped your screen name, we will not be able to track down your results to your Poker Club registration. Please note, this is only mandatory when the games are not held in our own free poker room.