New Leader Board Starting March 7th, 2012

Leader Board

We have decided re-launching our leader board. There will be no buy-ins, as well as no real money rewards in the events, however there will be REAL PRIZES to win for the top finishers, including cash!

For the first time, the new leader board will be held in our own free poker room (look for the events in the lobby, see the schedule below) and is open for players around the world, including the United States!

How to Participate

Please sign-up for our free poker game first, then go to the Tournaments Lobby and sign-up for the upcoming leader board events.

Important to Know

The re-launch of Poker For Free’s leader board has been a last minute decision, hence there is still a lot work for us to do. This is also the first time that we are using our own poker software.

So, we kindly ask you for some patience while we are update our content before the start of our new leader board series Wednesday March 7th, 2012.

What Prizes can be Won

We will give away an entry to a real money freeroll for the top 10 finishers. To start with, we will add $100 to the guaranteed prize pool ourselves, but it’s good to know that are also finalizing terms with another (US friendly) poker room to addon more cash and incentives. Furthermore, if it turns out to be a success, we may even increase the prize pool. Let’s make it a huge success… together!

How it All Started (and Came to an End)

Our famous leader board started out with a vengeance in March 2008 with literary hundreds of participators from all over the place. It was the main thing going on, on Poker For Free… and it attracted many, many new Poker Club members.

Unfortunately, among these new members we also saw a group of freeroll whores (pardon my French), who didn’t care about poker etiquette in the chat and tried to collude their way in the money. It’s identical to real life, it’s just a small group that ruins it for the majority.

It led to several complaints, even from our most loyal members, and frankly we were not too happy about that. So, to get rid of these people, we decided to turn our free leader board into a buy-in only leader board. Unfortunately, I have to admit, it turned out to be a bad decision, one that eventually killed the leader board.

But we have to focus on the good stuff, right? And there has been a plenty of good stuff to be proud about! We ran the leader board successfully six times, totaling 40 freerolls and several thousands of dollars in prizes.