The Leader Board is Back!

Starting March 7th, we will have a new episode of our famous-infamous leader board. After 2 years of silence, we have finally decided it’s time to do something to reward our most loyal members. Please have a look at our leader board pages for more information!

Benefits of a Free Poker Club Membership

Poker Club

As you might have noticed, things around here change quite frequently. Being part of this now, means being part of something that’s continually growing. We are very committed to make a success out of our Poker Club, and you can rest assured that we treat all of our members (well maybe not a casual freeroll whore) with great respect.

We are constantly in negotiation with poker sites to get the best offers. Some of these offers will be available to all Poker For Free visitors, but the very best deals will only become available to Poker Club members.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Poker Club, or any other service that Poker For Free is offering.

Further more, Poker Club members are able to play for free in our very own free poker room. We have only integrated this feature into our site early 2011, so it’s still relatively new, and we are much aware of the fact that it takes some time until we have enough players to guarantee action 24/7. Most players can be found at the tables when the freerolls are scheduled.

Join Poker Club

Poker Club Summary of Freebies

When applicable, Poker Club members can benefit from the following members only promotions:

  • Play risk less free poker in our own free poker room
  • Become eligible for our monthly $100 sweepstakes
  • Entry to the Poker For Free private freerolls
  • Entry to the Poker For Free private added tourneys
  • Free participation in Poker For Free’s leader board
  • Qualification to collect Poker For Free bounty prizes
  • Special poker bonuses and deals for Poker Club members
  • Freebies such as card decks, poker chips, USB sticks, key chains, T-shirts
  • And all the other things we can lay our hands on…..

Poker Club, for Members Only

Poker For Free, the closest thing to playing poker in a brick and mortar casino, has grown to one of the best communities when it comes to free poker. Whether you’re here to pick up a password to one of our freerolls or added tournaments, or whether you are here to participate in our leader board, you’re guaranteed to become part of something big!

Over 8,000 members have signed-up before you, and we have sent out hundreds of freebies such as T-shirts, card decks, key chains and even real cash into their poker bankrolls.

The amount of 8,000, however, is a bit fictitious, as with a new mailing system, and the integration of our own free poker room, we have made the decision to let all existing members re-verify their Poker Club account. This has obviously cost us some members, but on the other hand, they weren’t really active anyway. At this moment, July of 2011, we have almost 1,000 verified members, and this amount continues to grow with up to 10 new members per day.

If you like to become one of them, you will be delighted to hear that a Poker Club membership is completely free of charge! The only thing you have to do is register an account, and verify your e-mail address.