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UnfoldThere aren’t many second chances in life, especially when it comes to gaming. Pick the wrong lottery numbers, or back the wrong team in the local derby, and you’re out of the game, with no way back and no hope of winning. All you can do is sit back and watch the other players win.... Continue Reading »

Roulette WheelThere is a common belief amongst professional gamblers that the best strategy when it comes to winning at the game of roulette is not to play. However, that didn’t stop a group of chaos theorist scientists from trying to beat it anyway as back in 2012, the American Institute of Physics’ published a journal, called... Continue Reading »

Dice GamesIn a move to ensure more gambling profits would stay in the state, Oklahoma lawmakers have finally allowed traditional dice and ball games back into casinos since they were made illegal in 2004. Since the law came into place earlier this year, casinos across Oklahoma have been expanding their offering to include roulette and craps,... Continue Reading »

WSOPTime indeed flies, its already six months into 2018 but it feels like the New Year was just a couple of months back. Depending on how your first six months have gone so far, this may be a good thing or a bad thing. However, what we know is that as long as you are... Continue Reading »

FreeImagine that you walked into a casino, dropped a quarter into the first slot machine you saw and hit the $100 jackpot! Would this outcome change your gambling behavior for the rest of the evening? This was a theoretical question posed by the Nobel-award-winning academic and economist Richard Thaler when he researched what would become... Continue Reading »

A Guide To Playing Texas Hold ‘Em BLASTOnline poker’s popularity increased dramatically between 2003 and 2006 due to massive televised tournaments and the availability of games on trusted and legitimate sites. The boom has since died down a little bit, fueling innovative and creative new variants to keep players’ interest levels high. One recent addition to the online poker world is BLAST... Continue Reading »

What Casino Game Are You?Even if you’re a fan of casino quizzes you’ve probably played most of them by now – ‘what casino game is right for you?’, well you probably know by now after you’ve tried a few of them out. How about ‘What kind of gambler are you?’ – again, a minute of gameplay will tell you... Continue Reading »

Split Hold ‘em: A game that’s transcending generations of poker fansThere comes a time when playing Texas Hold ‘em regularly with your pals that you might want to play something a little different to spice up your home games. If you’ve already mastered the tells and habits of your friends at Texas Hold ‘em, you might seek a different challenge by playing a different, more... Continue Reading »

What Type Of Poker Player Are You?Powered by Many of us sit at home and dream of making it big through poker, we think that because we hold our own playing free-money or low stakes games we could challenge the top dogs in the industry. There are so many differences with playing poker online and playing it face to face. When... Continue Reading »

Tips5 great tips when finding a trustworthy casino and essential guide The number of casino sites has sky-rocketed in the past 10 years and this can make it difficult to choose a good reliable casino, like bgo, which still offers attractive bonuses. It can be a bit tedious to go through lots of review sites... Continue Reading »


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