The web’s only 3D poker site, PKR Poker, announced this week that it has just added another world famous poker pro to its Team PKR Pro ranks, that being Marc “Waswini” Bariller of France.

Twenty-three year old Bariller is from Montjean and has played high stakes poker regularly at PKR Poker for the past three years, turning his $5 win in a freeroll tournament into a $75,000 bankroll.

PKR Poker has a hot and fast growing community in France, in which Bariller has carved quite a niche for himself, steadily adding to his poker portfolio with wins in the PKR Open, the £50K PKR High Rollers event, and the PLO Super Series tournament. He also finished sixth in the PKR Live III Main Event.

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Marc BarillerMarc Bariller is also one among the elite few PKR players to have qualified for all four PKR Live events (PKR I-V) through the site’s satellite structure, as well as having won 2010 WSOP and 2009 APT Manila and APT Macau entries at PKR Poker as well.

Describing this as the fruition of his ultimate goal at the site, Bariller becomes the fifth member of Team PKR Pro, joining:

  • Sofia “Welllbet” Lovgren – the first and only woman on Team PKR Poker Pro and PKR cash game star
  • Vladimir “Beyne” Geshkenbein – high-rolling 2009 APPT (Asian Pacific Poker Tour) champ (beating runner-up Johnny Chan) and 2009 PKR Heads-Up Grand Slam champ
  • Adiren “zlatan35” Allain – winner of 2009 APT Macau (Asian Poker Tour), sixth place finisher in PKR Live II, and frequent winner of PKR online events
  • James Sudworth – runner-up in the 2009 GUKPT Brighton Event
  • Kai “Kingkai84” Paulsen – two-time WSOP casher and fifith place finisher at the 2008 Irish Open

Starting out playing only free poker online and freerolls, Bariller quickly turned his study into a bankroll that grew steadily to the tune of $75,000. Bariller’s debut representing PKR Poker is at the 2010 World Series of Poker.