Oopsy Daisy’s

Tonight I came home and took a look at the messages in the forum and as usual… there were not too many, though my attention fell on one that had the word “password” in it’s title. I thought to myself, oh no… not a password hunter again, but later I could only wish that was the case. It appeared that I forgot to set the password for leader board event 8, which would have been on tonight at 20:00 GMT, so I let down a lot of players that showed up to play.

This time the mistake was completely on my side and not Titan’s, so I guess the best I can do is contact them at first occasion and have it postponed to a new date, probably early January 2009.

Sorry for all the inconvenience that it may have caused, fellow Poker Clubbers!

Nearing the end

With two more leader board events to come, the end of Poker For Free’s leader board is in sight and again, December’s edition is exciting as it gets.

Maciej Kasior from Poland, playing at Titan Poker with screen name “matti7476”, is in the lead, but depending on the amount of players in the next added tournament, his current position is not yet a sure first place finish. Ending in the points would be necessary to take away the doubts, but runner up Dezider “ato11” Meško from Slovakia will do everything in his power to end higher and come closer to that much wanted PFF leader board first prize.

The third prize, currently taken by Czech player Petr Beneš a.k.a. “Benny1312”, is theoretically still possible to end up with someone who decides to play in the last two upcoming tournaments.

Remarkable about the top three placed players is that they all played 6 tournaments and had four point finishes. That is a pretty solid accomplishment!


We will continue having the leader board in 2009, but with a slightly different approach. We have read several complaints in the forum and agree that the freerolls don’t really bring in a lot of attractive poker players. Therefor we have decided to cut out the freerolls and have a buy-in only leader board starting next month. We expect to have everything worked out in the next few days, so make sure to stay tuned for news.