Party Poker Software UpdatesGreat new changes are afoot at Party Poker, a site widely considered to be already great.

Among them are synchronized breaks and easier multi-table tracking. These improvements, and several others, are all a part of the latest Party Poker software upgrade.

Synchronized Breaks

Synchronized breaks, as many online poker players already know, are a site-wide pause in almost all multi-table tournament play, so that players can take a break from their computer, get up, stretch, refill their water, fix something to eat, etc. Party Poker’s new synchronized breaks will last for 5 minutes and take place every hour at 55 minutes past the hour (or 5 minutes before – however you prefer to think about it).

Plat at Party Poker

You may have noticed the word “almost” up there indicating, accurately, that not all tournaments will have these breaks. Among the exceptions are the following:

  • Any tournament still in the 1st level of play;
  • Any turbo tournament still in the 1st or 2nd level of play;
  • A tournament already running but still open for late registration.

Party Poker Stacking Console

Party Poker Stacking Console

As for the multi-table improvements, there is now a new multi-table console view besides Cascading and Tiling, called Stacked. In the Party Poker Stacked view, players can order their tables according to their position at each one, with timers alerting them when to act.

Other changes at Party Poker are an extension of the late registration period (to 6 levels) in some tournaments, the ability to register for a tournament from the site without logging into one’s desktop Party Poker client, and a clearly stated deadline for unregistering from a tournament and receiving a full refund of your buy-in.

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