Party Poker - Deal-MakingDeal-making is a relatively new concept in the online poker world, though it has been around in the real world, live poker world since time immemorial. Deal-making allows the final tablers in a poker tournament to come to their own agreement about a split of the pot before the final places are decided. Party Poker is one of the pioneering poker sites to start offering a deal-making facility.

Deal-making enables the players in a final table of a tournament to halt game play to negotiate a different split of the pot. As an automated part of its game structure now, Party Poker lets players select from preset dealing structures and customized payout structures.

All active players must agree on a deal for it to go into effect. Otherwise, if a consensus isn’t reached, normal game play is resumed.

When a pot is “chopped” (as it’s called), it usually creates a more equitable split for all players involved, typically based on the players’ respective chip counts at the time of deal-making. In this way, the winner of the game may not necessarily be the player who wins the largest share of the pot. But by the same token, a player involved in the split who busts out earlier than expected still gets to make more than they otherwise would have made.

When the deal-making chat comes up, players will see the text in their chat window welcoming them to deal-making chat. It is there, in that window, that players chat about the prospective deal. The Chip Leader is the player put in charge of negotiations.

The Party Poker deal-making option is only available in real money tournaments where the prize pools are all cash. That means satellite tournaments don’t apply, nor do tournaments where players can choose to take their prize in some form other than cash qualify.