Party PokerParty Poker, once the world’s largest online poker room and still one of the most popular poker rooms in the world, has finally made an update to their ages old software. The new software features massive improvement to both the look and feel of what was probably the most cumbersome software on the Internet up to this point. The new tables and cards bring Party Poker’s client up to standard with the other top rooms and might actually put them on top in terms of looks and user friendliness.

Some significant improvements include new betting features such as half pot, three quarter pot and full pot as well as an improved slider button for more clear and concise betting in tough situations. The note taking feature has been improved as well allowing for quicker and cleaner note taking.

Of special note in the update is the welcome addition of new avatars! Party Poker players for years have been begging to drop the 1990’s style figures with something a tad more modern. Well the wish has finally been granted with a set of sharp and well done avatars.

Some of the new Party Poker features include:

  • New lobby, including a quick seat feature, which makes finding a table much easier.
  • Easier to play multiple tables. Open another table from your active table, as well as the tables are better resizeable and you can set custom alerts to control all the action.
  • Preview of action at a table before joining.
  • Personalization of your appearance with avatars (from library or custom).
  • User friendly tables, including more betting features.
  • A fully integrated cashier, which helps you to instantly make deposits and request for cash outs.

The bottom line is Party Poker is again setting the standard by which the industry will follow by redesigning their software and releasing a mind blowing package. Although it might be a little overdo, its definitely worth checking out and really brings Party Poker to the forefront in terms of online poker software.

Rest us to say that we will soon start updating our current Party Poker review.