PokerStrategy Summary

PokerStrategy is not an actual online poker room, instead they give away free poker lessons and a starting bankroll to players who are skilled enough to pass their qualification quiz. Their unique business model is a win-win situation for both you as a player and PokerStrategy as your sponsor. While you play, with their money, you’ll make them money. The better you are, the more money you’ll get and the more money they’ll end up making.

In a nutshell (as you can read all the details below), PokerStrategy hands out a free starting bankroll of $50 to all players that sign-up through one of the links on Poker For Free, take their poker quiz (and pass it successfully) and sign-up at one of the online poker rooms they suggest. These poker rooms include the best, i.e. Party Poker and PokerStars, but also a few more – which enables you to find one for sure.

Once you have proven to be a skilled poker player (by generating a certain amount of StrategyPoints), you will again be rewarded with some free poker cash. Depending of the poker room you have chosen to play at, this will either be an extra $50 or $100.

PokerStrategy does not accept players from the United States.

In the following part of our PokerStrategy review you can read in-depth information about PokerStrategy’s clients, website, bonuses & promotions and support.

Poker Client

Once you have passed the PokerStrategy qualification quiz for a free poker bankroll, you will have to find an online poker room to play at. They provide quite a few to choose from, so that you’ll have a decent shot at benefiting from their offer.

Their list of poker rooms to choose from include:

  • Party Poker (independent)
  • Free Bankroll: $50+$100

  • Mansion (iPoker Network)
  • Free Bankroll: $50+$100

  • Titan Poker (iPoker Network)
  • Free Bankroll: $50+$100

  • Pacific Poker (888)
  • Free Bankroll: $50+$100

  • PokerStars (independent)
  • Free Bankroll: $50+$50

  • Full Tilt Poker (independent)
  • Free Bankroll: $50+$50

  • Bet365 Poker (iPoker Network)
  • Free Bankroll: $50+$100

  • Cake Poker (Cake Poker Network)
  • Free Bankroll: $50+$100

  • Everest Poker (independent)
  • Free Bankroll: $50

As you can see, these are all renowned brands, we’re sure you have heard from them, either from TV exposure or maybe as a sponsor of some professional soccer team.

PokerStrategy No Deposit Bonus and Promotions

As already mentioned, PokerStrategy offers their players a free starting bankroll. Depending on where you choose to play, this starts with $50 and additionally you will be rewarded up to $150. Besides the free poker bankroll, you will enjoy many more benefits from becoming a member at PokerStrategy, for instance they split $100,000 at the end of each month among the leaders in StrategyPoints, where the first will get as much as $10,000!

This offer is the best method around to start playing poker for real money, if you don’t have access to funds immediately – or if you simply don’t want to jeopardize your personal savings.

PokerStrategy also comes with several other promotions, these include exclusive freerolls for their members, hundreds of strategy articles, dozens of poker videos and daily coaching sessions – plus free poker tracking tools to help you to improve your game.

There’s actually too much cool stuff to mention. We suggest you rather pay a visit to and read some more there, if you’re interested.

PokerStrategy Sign-up Website Review

Screenshot of the PokerStrategy website

Unlike some of the other websites that provide free poker bankrolls, PokerStrategy has kept their website plain and simple. is not flashy at all, though it is very appealing as you won’t have a hard time finding your way around.

If you decide to go for our free bankroll offer and follow the links to on our website, then you will come on a special landing page. Just hit the “Get Started” button and everything will be clear from there… you simply can’t miss it!

Regular visitors can find a lot of poker related content, but members will have access to so much more. The strength about their business model is that they will teach you how to play online poker successfully and if you do your homework by reading all the poker strategy articles on their website and following some live coaching sessions, you will definitely end up having a huge advantage over other beginning poker players!

The PokerStrategy website is available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish and Simplified Chinese.

Please have a look at for yourself, as there is simply too much to talk about. You actually don’t even have to sign-up right away to see some of their features and offerings, but we’re positive that you will when you see it :)

PokerStrategy Sign-up


Once you have completed the quiz and become a qualified player, you will get to speak to a PokerStrategy representative, as they will call you to verify your personal details before sending the first $50 free your way.

Registered members have access to the forum, where you may find answers to your questions in the Beginners Questions section. For all other queries, you can hit the Help button in the main menu and create a support ticket.