When it comes to finding a new online poker site to play on, there are usually a number of incentives to look out for. Given that there are a huge number of online poker sites available to choose from, it is understandable that the power slightly lies with the player. There is a competitive nature on offer here and players should be looking to maximise the benefit they receive when signing up for a new poker site. It is important to remember that different poker players are looking for different things and this is why it is great to see that there are so many different benefits and bonuses to choose from.

Party Poker $500K TournamentOne thing that will normally turn heads when it comes to finding a reliable poker site is a huge sum of money on offer. Although plenty of poker players like to play for fun and enjoyment, there is no doubt that many poker players harbour dreams of winning a massive cash prize. This Sunday, the Party Poker site may be in a position to make the dreams of poker players come true. This is because the site is taking their usual guaranteed Sunday game and supercharging it. Yes, on Sunday the 11th of May 2014, Party Poker has a guaranteed game with a prize pool $500,000 on offer. If you are looking for a new poker site to play on, this is a sum of cash that will definitely grab your attention and ask you to seriously consider what is on offer.

Party Poker looks forward to welcoming you to the site

While this offer alone would be enough for some players, Party Poker (please see our full review) is providing an additional reason for new players to choose this site. There are a number of qualifier events available for this massive guaranteed game, including free games but new players are going to be given a helping hand or a helping poker hand as it were. This is down to the fact that all new poker players on site will receive five $1 qualifier tickets when they make their first deposit on the site. This gives a new player five chances to play their way into the massive event, which carries a £100,000 first prize, so you can see why plenty of poker players will be paying particular interest to this event.

Party PokerIf you are the sort of poker player that believes in the concept of beginners luck, you surely have to believe that this is going to be an invitation that is good to be true. Could you imagine how jealous other poker players will be if you manage to play your way to a massive prize without actually spending any money to get there? This event has a direct buy-in of $200 so saving that money alone makes you a winner in comparison to some of the other poker players that are taking part in the event.

You don’t want to rush into signing up for a new poker site. You are looking to find a poker site that can be enjoyed for many years to come so you want to sit back and evaluate your options. However, given that the Party Poker site is a decent poker site to begin with, you are starting from a very strong place when it comes to evaluating if this offer is going to entice you on to the site.

Knowing that you have a chance to play your way into such a huge event with a massive poker prize at stake is surely going to be enough to make you feel that the Party Poker site is the poker site for you?