Matt WaxmanAmerican poker pro Matt Waxman won the WPT Grand Prix de Paris on Sunday, September 10, 2011 at the Aviation Club de France. The 6 day tournament began September 5th with 312 players each shelling out the 7,500 Euro buy-in and ended with just 6 players sitting down for the final table action on Friday September 9th. At the end of the next day Matt Waxman, the professional player from Parkland, Florida had earned the €518,750 ($717,257) first place prize. This brings Matt’s career tournament winnings to $1,665,158.

Matt was fifth out of six sitting down at the final table with 1,423,000 chips. Byron Kaverman was the chip leader with 2,079,000 and Martin Jacobson’s 482,000 chips made the short stack. Hugo Lemaire (1,962,000 chips), Mikko Sundell (1,791,000 chips) and Frederic Magen (1,554,000 chips) were also seated.

The short stacked Martin Jacobson made it 27 hands before taking 6th place and €88,900 for his effort. Five hands later, Matt flopped a club flush with his 6 clubs and 5 clubs. Sundell, who held the Ace diamonds and King clubs bet the King high flush draw. Matt pushed all in and Sundell called. With two diamonds falling on the turn and river, Sundell couldn’t make a hand and Matt took down the 3.7 million chip pot. Sundell was left with 30,000 chips (about one big blind) and was eliminated the next hand.

Within 50 more hands, Kaverman had taken fourth place (€155,550) and Magen took third (€211,100).

This left Matt with a dominating chip lead (7.8 million) over the French pro Lemaire (1.55 million) as heads-up play began.

On the third hand of heads-up play, it was over. Lemaire held Queen Eight offsuit against Waxman’s 8 clubs and 9 clubs. 2 clubs showed on the flop along with a Queen giving Waxman a flush draw and Lemaire top pair. With Lemaire all in, the river came 10 of clubs making Waxman his flush while Lemaire had been unable to improve.

Earning this victory, Waxman landed the largest single score of his career by far and almost doubled his lifetime tournament earnings.

This win was Waxman’s largest ever, doubling his career earnings.

The next World Poker Tour event is to be held at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ.