This weekend was one full of mistakes.

First we had a bug in our newsletter software causing all members to receive between 1 up to 918 copies of the same e-mail. Some were so mad at us that they called us names, others simply unsubscribed, and also quite a lot of (very friendly) members understood that we never meant to sent that many emails. Thank you, you’ve put a smile on our face when we felt miserable!

Second we had trouble sending the password in time with a temporary made newsletter script. (We just didn’t want to risk making another mistake.) Because of this some members didn’t received the password for our freeroll at PKR in time.

Third we found out that PKR Poker didn’t give us a $100 freeroll as promised, but just 3 seats into a $2 tournament on August 9th.

Can it get any worse?!?

Everybody who’s mad at us are so right! Poker For Free is the only one to blame. This all came in a period that we have plans on expanding the site and doing some really cool things. In each case we will continue, and we definitely promise to make it up to those members who remained loyal and understanding. You guys and girls stand out!!!

Once again, we apologize to everyone for our mistakes and the inconvenience you may have had from it, and hope for your forgiveness. We assure that we have taken proper actions to prevent it from happening again!

Best regards,

All people that make Poker For Free happen