Jason Comtois found all the right cards at the right time to take down the Canadian Spring WPT National and deny John Paul Tabago a sensational comeback.

There was a dramatic climax to the Canadian Spring WPT National at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal last night, as the two players who had started the final table with the shortest stacks rose to the top of the chip counts and battled out the heads-up for the Canadian Spring title.

The final day of the Canadian Spring WPT National was always going to be a nervous affair for all the players involved as, due to the structure of the event, the average chip stack when the six players took their seats at the Playground  Poker Club was just 36 Big Blinds.

#Canadian Spring WPT NationalChips
1Daniel Gagne8,000,000
2Alexander Wong7,505,000
3Mario Lim5,450,000
4Johnny Mazzaferro4,825,000
5Jason Comtois4,700,000
6John Paul Tabago1,370,000

Big Double-Ups See Demise of Lim

When play got underway for the final table of the Canadian Spring WPT National, there was just time to play four hands before the end of Level 32 (blinds 75,000/150,000 – ante 25,000). During those four hands, John Paul Tabago shoved once – but got no callers – Daniel Gagne extended his chip lead when turning a Full House against Jason Comtois, and Comtois immediately doubled up against Mario Lim Q♠ Q♣ > K♣ 3♣ – narrowly avoiding elimination when Lim failed to make his Flush draw.

As Level 33 began (blinds now 100,000/200,000 – ante 25,000) John Paul Tabago was again in shoving mode and, on the third time he was all-in, got a call from Mario Lim. Lim (A♠ 3♠) was ahead when the cards were turned on their backs, but Tabago (K♥ 4♣) paired his Four on the flop and stayed ahead in the hand to survive and double-up. Reduced to his last ten big blinds, Mario Lim moved all-in soon after with K♣ 3♣ but failed to improve past Johnny Mazzaferro´s A♠ J♥ and was eliminated in sixth place.

Leaders Flip-Flop as Wong and Mazzaferro Both Bust

Jason Comtois moved up into second place on the leaderboard when rivering an A♥ flush to take 2 million chips from Johnny Mazzaferro, but John Paul Tabago leap-frogged both Comtois and Daniel Gagne to the top of the chip counts when forcing Gagne off of two substantial pots during Level 34 (blinds 125,0000/250,000 – 25,000).

Alexander Wong was bust in fifth place when mistiming a shove with pocket Sixes on a flop of K♣ 8♦ 5♥, against Daniel Gagne´s K♠ 8♣ (for two pair) but Gagne was removed from the top of the leaderboard once again when Jason Comtois eliminated Johnny Mazzaferro in fifth place A♥ Q♣ > Q♦ J♦.

Gagne Unlucky to Bust as Tabago Leads into Heads Up

Following Mazzaferro´s departure, John Paul Tabago had returned to being the shortest stacked of the three remaining players; but a double-up against Jason Comtois A♣ J♣ > K♥ J♠ moved him back to the top of the chip counts and left Daniel Gagne as the short stack.

Gagne´s chip stack started to dwindle as Tabago and Comtois took down the majority of the hands, but it looked as if he had found the perfect opportunity to double back into contention when shoving all-in with K♣ 10♦ on a board of Q♥ 9♠ 3♣ / J♦ (for a King-high straight) and getting a call from John Paul Tabago (9♦ 9♥ for a set of Nines).

Cruelly for Gagne, the 3♠ spiked on the River, giving Tabago a Full House, eliminating Gagne in third place  and giving Tabago – who had started the final table with less than ten big blinds – a 21.45 million -v- 10.525 million chip advantage going into the heads-up against Jason Comtois, with blinds now at 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000).

Comtois Turns over Deficit to Win Canadian Springs WPT National

The conclusion to the Canadian Springs WPT National was turned on its head twelve hands into the heads-up when Jason Comtois doubled-up A♦ 8♠ > A♠ 3♣, and five hands later it was all over.

From the small blind Jason Comtois raised to 925,000 chips, John Paul Tabago re-raised to 2,600,000 chips and Comtois responded by announcing he was all-in. Tabago made the call and the cards were on their backs:

  • Comtois: A♣ K♦
  • Tabago: Q♠ 4♠

Both players hit the flop of K♥ 4♦ 3♠, but Jason Comtois hit it harder; and, with no help from the Turn (7♥) or River (3♦), John Paul Tabago was eliminated in second place – giving the title of Canadian Spring WPT National Champion to Jason Comtois.

#Canadian Spring WPT NationalPrize CAD
1Jason Comtois$160,999
2John Paul Tabago$112,770
3Daniel Gagne$73,130
4Johnny Mazzaferro$54,019
5Alexander Wong$40,301
6Mario Lim$32,638