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Why are online poker rooms giving away money?

The online poker industry is a highly competitive area. Every poker room is fighting each other for poker players, and therefore they give away poker bonuses to acquire new players. Sometimes they also offer no deposit bonuses. By doing this they hope that new players will experience a good time and stick around at their poker site.

What is the definition of bonus chasing?

Bonus chasing is the term used when you move your bankroll from poker site to poker site to collect promotional bonus offers. See also our Bonus Chasing Guide.

I see many sites offering bonuses, why should I pick Poker For Free?

Poker For Free is constantly negotiating with online poker rooms to get the best deals possible. For instance, we can offer bonuses higher than the average bonus because we give certain poker site top promotions on our website.

Next to the bonuses listed on the poker bonus codes page, we are able to offer special deals to the Poker Club members.