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How do online poker rooms make money?

When playing online poker, you aren’t playing against the dealer of the house, but instead you make bets with other people who are sitting at the same table playing poker. The poker room (also called the house) makes its’ profit by collecting rakes (a small fraction of the pot), and tournament entry fees.

What’s the difference between online poker and video poker?

Video poker is a game played versus a computer, comparable to a slot machine that you see in casino’s. Online poker is played versus other poker players, as if you are sitting at a poker table in real life.

What is a rake?

A rake is a small fraction of the pot taken by poker rooms in real money games. This is one of the ways how poker rooms make their profit. In general the rake is about 10 percent of every pot up to a maximum of $3.00.

What is a satellite tournament?

A poker satellite is a tournament in which entries to other tournaments can be won. Many of the larger tournaments, including the WSOP main event with a buy-in of $10,000, often generate many online satellite tournaments.