The World Poker Tour takes in many great places around the world but the majority of venues are solely based on the poker. This isn’t an issue for the majority because it is all about the poker but from time to time, it is nice to play poker in a city that has a real sense of history surrounding it. This is exactly what the WPT Prague event delivers and if you want to be part of it, you can be. There is a $6,000 package up for grabs and by joining in the fun with the satellite games, you could find yourself involved without having to outlay any real cost!

Prague has become one of the premiere European destinations for travellers and there is so much on offer in the city. There is a modern vibrancy to Prague which attracts many folk but for most visitors, it is the sense of culture and history that Prague is stepped in that makes it such an important place to visit. Prague has played host to Kings, rulers and emperors, so where better for you to have a triumphant period? If you fancy yourself as a King or Queen of poker, this could be the best place for you to come to power!

Affordable entry to play your way to glory

If you are looking to write yourself in the history books you will have a strong interest in the satellite events. With a $2.20 entry, you can make your first tentative steps to Prague glory but of course, you will need a great amount of poker skill and luck to play your way through so many stages. If you would prefer an easier route to the finals and you don’t mind paying for it, you can buy a final seat for $320. If you have the money available and really want a massive trip to Prague, this could be a sensible choice but for those on a budget or who love the sense of challenge, the satellite route could be very enticing.

The prize you are playing for is the $6,000 Prague package but if you are interested in how this further breaks down, the information is all at hand. The buy-in to the Main Event is $4,250 but that is all taken care of for you. There is $950 set aside for accommodation for 6 nights and there is $800 for flights and spending money. All in all, this is quite a neat little package for poker players and it should give everyone something to aim for because there will be a good number of winners making their way to Prague for this event.

Sunday finals could see you on your way

As stated, you can buy in to the qualifier rounds from $2.20 and the final will be held every Sunday evening. There will be packages handed out every Sunday evening in the finals, some weeks will see more than one winner, so you will have plenty of opportunities to be a winner and book your trip to Prague to match your poker skills against some of the best poker players around.

The promotion is already under way at and it runs until 23:59 ET on the 18th of November 2012. This should give you plenty of time to get involved with the promotion and hopefully book your ticket to Prague. The WPT Prague event takes place in the Corinthia Casino this December, so you can only imagine who wondrous Prague will look in the European winter. Poker has the ability to be breath-taking at certain times but the same can be said for the glorious landscapes and architecture of Prague!

Make the most of your time in Prague

If you make it to Prague and find that the cards go against you, you at least have the consolation of spending time in the wonderful city of Prague. At the very least, this opportunity alone should increase the incentives around playing for this prize because no matter how the cards treat you at the main event, you will be guaranteed to have a wonderful time in Prague.

The WPT Poker site has always been the place to be for news, information and great tie-ins with the WPT and this event reinforces that fact. If you fancy testing your skills against the best in the world while playing in a stunning location, taking part in the WPT Prague Challenge will be one of the most sensible decisions you will make.