Road To Rio PromotionYou can’t have failed to notice the World Cup is looming and everyone is looking to get in on the act. There are companies all around the globe pulling out special editions and promotions to make sure that they snap up football fans who have been struck down with a case of football fever in advance of the big event taking place in Brazil this summer. Bet365 is a brand that loves poker and they also love football as part of their sports betting arm so there is no real surprise to see that the two things are brought together in their Road To Rio promotion.

This promotion gets underway on the 5th of June and players will have the chance to earn prizes all the way through until the final whistle at the World Cup final. At Poker For Free, we love free poker and we love brilliant value when we play poker and this is one big reason why this promotion has caught our eye. The fact that the prizes include €5,000 is a great way to grab our attention but with iPad Minis being on offer every single day in prize draws, there has to be a lot of reasons for football fans to get involved with this event.

Poker prizes available every single day

The draw can take place at any time of day or night, so there will be an opportunity for all players over the course of the tournament. However, you do need to be in the lobby at the time so there is definitely an incentive to get onsite and hang around for a while. This is clearly what the site is hoping for but the fact that there is a strong incentive for players to log back regularly, you should find that there is every reason to do so.

If you stay in the competition beyond the group stages, you will find that there are even more prizes on offer. This makes sense because the teams that last longer in major events get the big rewards and this is also true for online poker players.

Players take part in the Road To Rio promotion by entering the lobby, checking out their status and then collecting cards which will feature a player at the World Cup. When a player grabs 11 cards they will be able to progress to following round. Players that play at the Premium Tables at Bet365 Poker will find that they stand double the chance of picking up cards so if you are determined to be a winner with this summer event, that is something you should bear in mind.

Some football fans don’t need any added incentive to make the most of the World Cup but there will be some who are looking to maximise the amount of enjoyment they take from the event. This is where the Bet365 Poker Road To Promotion may be all the encouragement poker players need to go nuts for Brazil this summer.