€650,000 Premium ChaseThere are some games and promotions that manage to capture the imagination of the online poker community. This means it is inevitable that there will be opportunities to play these games again as online poker sites try to capture the success of their previous promotions. This is very much the case for Bet365 Poker as they unveil their €650,000 Premium Chase promotion. This follows on from the very successful €200,000 Premium Chase promotion and this new promotion should be considered as being an extended version of that promotion. There is going to be a huge amount of prizes on offer but the thrill of the chase and the drama of the game will be more than enough for some players.

There is no fixed date for the promotion to end but this doesn’t mean that you should wait too long before getting involved. The promotion will continue until the prize pool hits a stunning €500,000. This is going to be a lot of money to look out for and this €500,000 pot will be shared out between 5,000 players. If you have been looking for a poker promotion to grab your attention in 2014, Bet365 Poker has likely hit the target with this promotion.

Plenty of poker prizes to play for when you get involved with the chase

The fact that 5,000 players get the chance to share in the top prize is a comfort but there will also be an additional prize pot on top of this amount. There is going to be an additional €150,000 on offer in celebration prizes. This means that the overall prize pot on offer is €650,000, which has to be seen as a poker prize that is worth getting excited over. The fact that there are so many prizes up for grabs should help to keep players ticking over and coming back for more on a very regular basis.

$50,000All in all, there will be 8,000 guaranteed prizes over the course of the promotion and it is important to keep tabs on the promotion. This is because when every €50,000 landmark is reached, there will be a milestone draw taking place. Every draw will see 300 prizes on offer and there is going to be €15,000 on offer every time. This means that you can be a winner just by getting yourself to the poker table, which is not something that you can say all of the time.

If you fancy your chances of being lucky, you can opt to play in the Premium Table cash games where you will have double the chance to be a winner. We all want to be a winner so putting ourselves in a position where we can double the chances has to be seen as a very positive thing. The first ten spots in the milestone draw sees players winning an iPad mini and then places from 11th to 200 will receive cash ranging from €150 to 10, so there is all to play for.