Ultimate Bet.com’s Best Damn Poker Show will be making a sophomore return when it airs on Fox Sports Net this November. The Best Damn Poker Show is a reality type television show that puts some of Ultimate Bet’s top pros against each other, but not how you would normally expect.

Rather than battling it out themselves, the challenge is for the Ultimate Bet Pro’s to teach poker students to be an excellent player and then those players will take each other on. Annie Duke and Phil Helmuth will be instructing 18 different players. Players were selected as part of a contest hosted by Ultimate Bet.com. Potential players created an audition video and submitted it to Ultimate Bet. In the video, players had to plead their case as to why they are the best choice for a reality show about poker.

Ultimate Bet also held a live audition at this years World Series of Poker where they were able to get around a lot of great players at once. In addition to the WSOP auditions and the send in tapes, Ultimate Bet gave away a few spots to people who qualified via online tournaments.

The show has already begun filming and will begin airing on October 27th on Fox Sports Net.