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Scotty Speaks Out! (Part 15)

It was time to start playing for real cash after getting $20 on my PokerStars account. I decided to play the satellites for this years’ World Series of Poker. The WSOP is the biggest event on the poker calendar and to play it is a once in a lifetime thing for most poker serious players.... Continue Reading »

Scotty Speaks Out! (Part 14)

Leader board event at Poker Nordica The Poker For Free freeroll, about 90 players were registered? I think due to a small error with GMT+1 hour… Getting seated at the table, it’s my 1st visit to Poker Nordica and everything looks great, the cards are nice to read, the players sitting well, 10 minute blinds... Continue Reading »

Scotty Speaks Out! (Part 13)

CD Poker Playing CD Poker is very enjoyable, I really like the game play. I’ve been playing cash on there for a while now, and it seems good, there’s not so much “fishing” even on the small stakes, and people respect bets. I’ve been up and down from my starting $10. I just like to... Continue Reading »

Scotty Speaks Out! (Part 12)

Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt Poker holds a couple of freerolls through the day and they all fill up quite quick. I’ve been ranking anywhere from 47th place to 23rd of about 3000 people, being at my best, because the blinds soon start creeping up on you. But the other day I found my self... Continue Reading »

Scotty Speaks Out! (Part 11)

PokerStars Playing at PokerStars I thought of entering the NLHE Heads up $1000 + $50 (play money). So I registered and waited for it to start, thinking to myself: “people will go all-in all the time being heads up…” What I noticed was people raising a lot and hoping to hit the flop and others... Continue Reading »

Scotty Speaks Out! (Part 10)

BestPoker So, after a long time of getting beaten on BestPoker I decided to give up on playing Internet poker for a while, but later on I decided that 2008 was going to be a great year for poker, so I eventually logged into my BestPoker account again to play some PLAY money SNG’s. I... Continue Reading »

Scotty Speaks Out! (Part 9)

I haven’t been playing any live poker for some time, due to my league finishing and doesn’t restart ’till after the Christmas period, so I’ve been sharpening up my skills online! PokerStars Well I think they have got rid of the British_Irish freeroll as I can’t find it :( so now I’m playing the $50.000... Continue Reading »

Scotty Speaks Out! (Part 8)

PokerStars Well I’m still playing PokerStars trying to reach my target of 100.000 play chips by December 25th, I’ve got 21.000 at the minute and still going strong! Playing the SNG’s and doing well at them. Also, I have started to play the $50,000 freeroll where the top 6 people get a ticket to the... Continue Reading »

Scotty Speaks Out! (Part 7)

PokerStars Well like I said in my last blog, I really am playing PokerStars a lot, still loving the 27 person sit & go’s and the British_Irish $100 freeroll. Well I’ve been playing them loads and I cash in just about every night, it may only be $0.10 or whatever it is, but still it... Continue Reading »

Scotty Speaks Out! (Part 6)

Well after my holiday to Magaluf, which was a blast, I got back into playing poker again. I missed playing poker on my holiday… PokerStars PokerStars seems to be the site I log into the most, playing the free play Sit ‘n Go and the English_Irish $100 freeroll, which I seem to cash in nearly... Continue Reading »

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