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Playing Suited Connectors In No-Limit Hold’em

Suited connectors are a very interesting starting hand in no limit Texas Hold’em because they are not very strong at first, but with the right community cards they can complete some of the best hands in poker such as a straight, a flush or even a straight flush. The majority of the time you won’t... Continue Reading »

Rebuy & Add-On Tournament Strategy

Many online poker rooms run a lot of rebuy and add-on tournaments because they attract players with small bankrolls as well as players with large bankrolls. Players with small bankrolls can just buy-in once for the buy-in price and play the tourney like a freeze out, while the bigger bankroll players can rebuy many times... Continue Reading »

European Poker Tour Season 5 Concluded

With the conclusions of EPT San Remo on April 23rd and the EPT Grand Final in Monaco on May 3rd, the European Poker Tour’s fifth season has ended. Season five was a great success with each of the 13 events drawing huge fields and big prize pools. All-in-all season five of the European Poker Tour... Continue Reading »

Introduction To Implied Odds

In our last article we looked at what pot odds are and how to calculate them and use them to your advantage when you are deciding whether to call a bet with a drawing hand. This article only looked at pot odds and did not take into consideration the implied odds in the hand. Your implied... Continue Reading »

Introduction To Pot Odds

Related links Odds And Probabilities Calculating Card Outs Definition Pot odds are the ratio between the size of the pot and the size of the call you will have to make to stay in the hand and see the next card. This can also be looked at as a percentage, where the pot odds are... Continue Reading »

6 Tips To Improve Your Double Or Nothing Sit And Go Game

Double or nothing sit and go’s have a very unique structure, especially for single table tournaments that aren’t satellites. In a nutshell, double or nothing tournaments are exactly what they sound like. You either double your money by finishing in the top half of the tournament or you get nothing by coming in the bottom... Continue Reading »

4 Tips Increase Your Bounty Tournament Success

In bounty tournaments a portion of each players buy-in goes to the prize pool, with the remaining amount becoming a bounty on the players head. When a player goes broke, the player that took them out wins their bounty. For example if you are playing in a $10 Poker Nordica bounty tournament where 50% of... Continue Reading »

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