Eleven players are left at the PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour Auckland main event. The players will painstakingly pound it out for a spot at the final table. The second day of action at Auckland was filled with lots of great poker action and some big name eliminations. At the top of the list of big names to fall were James Honeybone and former 2004 WSOP champ Joe Hachem. Hachem made a last minute move with KT of hearts only to be bested by Paul Hocken’s AQ.

Alex Bond was the events heartbreak kid when his clearly superior AQ lost to Wang Che Jung’s QT on a long shot straight draw. Bond was ridding the bubble and took the fall. The remaining 32 players all then took a relaxing dinner break before continuing their quest for the final table.

Play for the second day ended once the field was limited to eleven players. Andrew Pantling fell in twelfth place taking home just over ten thousand dollars. Pantling’s KJ off suite was beat by Eward Holdcroft with the AQ. Holdcroft nailed two pair on the flop and never looked back.

Here are the standings for the remaining eleven players:

  • Luke Stanford – 575,000
  • Nathanael Seet – 400,000
  • Wang Che Jung – 400,000
  • Daniel Craker – 335,000
  • Michael Miriakis – 210,000
  • Eric Mutrie – 170,000
  • Wai Yuen – 160,000
  • Edward Holdcroft – 140,000
  • Matthew Konnecke – 115,000
  • Dan Sing – 73,000
  • Jani Karke – 70,000

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour is sponsored by PokerStars and is in its second season. The tournament series offers players in the Pacific Rim the chance to participate in large prize pool sponsored poker tournaments. A large influx of Asian players into the world of poker has definitely pushed the demand for the APPT through the roof.