Introduction to Poker Affiliate Marketing

So you are thinking of getting involved in the multi million dollar affiliate industry? Then this section of Poker For Free is what you’ve been looking for!

Being a poker affiliate can earn you a nice side income, and if you’re willing to put in the effort you can quit your daily job at some point to become a professional affiliate.

Don’t start affiliating if you can’t commit. The affiliate market is overwhelmed, and it’s a very tough competition on the battlefield. Being a successful affiliate means you have to be on it every day. It takes a lot of research, and many people think that it’s only possible to do if you partner up with someone. I disagree with that, but I definitely agree on the fact that it will only be a success if you get in there in full effect!

Keep on reading if you think you qualify.

Poker For Free is willing to help interested readers who are willing to sign up as a sub affiliate for us. Sub affiliates will have access to everything an affiliate has, without any restrictions. Basically, only the referring affiliate will receive some extra revenue. Most of the affiliate programs who offer sub affiliating, have a multi-tier set-up. This means you can recruit your own sub affiliates as well, although that should not be a reason for you to become an affiliate in first place.

Poker For Free will not give you any content, nor code or help to build a website. We do give you advice – on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), – on how communicate with your affiliate managers, – on marketing and promotion, and more. We will simply share our knowledge that we have gathered on our own experience and research.

Enough reading for now! Take some time to go through the affiliate program reviews and contact us if you have any questions. Please be aware that you will have to use the links on the Poker For Free website to qualify to become a sub affiliate for us.

Affiliate Program Reviews