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Our team of experienced writers

Poker For Free makes use of a group of individual writers. Our writers are all selected with tremendous care and have lots of experience in their respective areas.

The group of individuals consists of some freelance journalists/news writers, or in case of specific poker strategy related content we rely on several poker players with a mid – to high level of experience.

Here follow some of the names of our writers currently responsible for the content in our Poker Articles & News section:

  • Giorgio (Overall – the Netherlands)
  • Elizabeth (Website Content – USA)
  • Ken “King Cobra” Stephens (Poker Strategies – Canada)
  • Carl “The Dean” Sampson (Poker Strategies – UK)
  • Chris Wheeler (Poker Strategies – Australia)

Previous contributors to Poker For Free:

  • Michael (Poker News – USA)
  • Eric (Poker Site Promotions, Poker Strategies, Website Content – USA)
  • Cathy Roberts a.k.a. LadyHoldem (Poker Site Promotions – USA)
  • Donna Dorsa (Poker Site Promotions – USA)
  • Corey Bruhn a.k.a. Smackdog (Poker Site Promotions – USA)
  • Niko de Jonge (Poker Strategies – Canada)
  • Daneil Merrit (Poker Strategies – USA)
  • Alex Graves (Poker Strategies – UK)
  • Todd (Poker News – USA)
  • Scott Brown (Blogger – UK)