Free PokerMany years have past since the launch of Poker For Free back in 2006. Few of you might remember the glory days when we had a lively Poker Club, numerous of freerolls and value added tournaments. During the last stages we hosted an own free poker game.

But then lightning stroke. Because of a terrible partnership agreement with a marketing company that should have helped us growing to the next level, everything went downhill.

Many friends adviced me to “kill my baby”, and although I haven’t really put much effort into it for the past years, I never killed it. And look at it now; it’s standing at the verge of a new beginning.

Because of the regulation of the Dutch market since October 1st, 2021, we advice visitors from the Netherlands to visit our partner site (which is a site about licensed online poker sites). They provide content related to legal sites only. Other than that they also provide a lot of interesting content about playing (online) poker in general, including news, rules and strategy guides.

A new beginning for Poker For Free

During the past weeks the site was moved to a new and faster server, out of date content was removed and remaining content is currently getting a thorough quality check. All of that with the visitor in mind. In fact, we are even researching if re-launching our free poker game is a good idea.

Since we have learned a lot from running our basketball focused betting site, which we launched several years ago, we will use that knowledge to make Poker For Free great again.

Poker For Free remains independent

While online poker sites have an interest in being top-listed, we have always provided honest – and independent opinions, and we tend to do no other than that with the new Poker For Free. This means that you can expect some new poker sites to be reviewed and listed, and if they appear to be just as unreliable as PokerStars, you can expect us to warn you about it, instead of going after their money fooling you of their trustworthiness.

Furthermore, Poker For Free is dedicated to keeping you up to date about anything that goes on in the world of poker, including poker news, tournament updates, and articles with tips and poker strategies.

International sister sites

While we own sister sites in German, Dutch and Italian, our main focus will be reviving this site! If we’ll succeed, the others will follow at some other point.

Top 3 Online Poker Bonuses
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Poker Club

We would love it if you’d join our Poker Club, which offers you a whole range of benefits above and beyond just being a visitor to the site.

First and foremost, being a member of our Poker Club means that you can play our free poker game, which you can play no matter what OS (this is actually one of the recommended Mac poker sites on or browser you’re using. Compete against other players for the top spot on our leader boards!

Being a member of the Poker Club also means that you’re eligible to receive free gifts and promotions when they’re available. We have all sorts of Poker For Free goodies to share with our members, including t-shirts, keychains, and more! In addition, players who come in first in our monthly tournaments will get prizes. Some of our past prizes have included Poker For Free merchandise and entry tickets to larger poker tournaments on other sites (including several $100,000 tournaments!).

Moreover, here at Poker For Free, we’re not just about building a library of poker information (though we have that, too!). We’re working to build a poker community, full of poker players and enthusiasts who play together and share tips and tricks, and we need you to join the Poker For Free family.

Current free poker promotions

Right now, Poker For Free is running a special promotion with Club WPT, the online resource that gives you backstage access to the World Poker Tour. Basic membership is free and gets you access to interviews, shows, and moderators, while VIP membership will open doors to all the WPT information you could ever dream of– ringtones, discounts in Las Vegas, WPT Poker Magazine, and more! Check out our Club WPT review for more information!

American players will be thrilled to note that Club WPT is completely legal in the US on a federal level, and has gained approval in almost all of the individual states. American players can join fellow players from around the world on this subscription-based site– players from Australia, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK are all eligible to participate in the site’s VIP membership. The only US states that have yet to approve membership are Alabama, South Dakota, Washington, Idaho, Arkansas, Georgia, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, Montana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. If you’d like to follow US legislation.

The reason that Club WPT can get clearance from some notably hard to penetrate places is because they’re not a gambling site. While many popular online poker sites give you the chance to gamble– that is, pit your bankroll against that of others and potentially gain or lose it– Club WPT is based on your subscription. When you’re a VIP member, you’ve paid for the monthly service that allows you to enter poker games for prizes, including seats at WPT events and cash prizes. You don’t have to deposit any money with Club WPT, so you’re guaranteed not to lose any money playing poker on the site. That means that it’s not gambling– it’s a win-win!

Upcoming Online Poker Tournaments
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Unbiased reviews of poker rooms and bonus offers

Our poker room reviews tell you everything that you need to know to pick a website and start playing poker online. We’ll give you our personal opinion(s) of the site, along with which browsers and operating systems are supported, current bonuses being offered, and a bit of history about the site.

At Poker For Free, we know that it can be hard to sort through all the bonus offers that the different sites are offering– they change so often, and the terminology can be confusing to a newcomer. Players who want to increase their bankrolls often take advantage of matching or “free money” offers, and we break down the current offers for you to let you know which ones should make the top of your “to-play” list.

Close partnerships with poker room specific websites such as (Titan Poker) make it possible for us to keep our reviews up to date at all times. As soon as things change, Poker For Free is the first to know, and so are you.

Not many options left for poker players from the US

With all the trouble the major US facing online poker sites have gone through after Black Friday, we are left behind with only a hand full of sites still open to US poker players.

You don’t want to sign-up at one of the shady sites still accepting US poker players, do you? Don’t worry, we have done proper research to bring you one of the few left respectable and trustworthy online poker sites where you can still sign-up being an US resident, and play free online poker or online poker for real money.

And the name of that particular poker site is Club WPT Poker, a site from the same owners, and on the same network as Bovada and Bodog, which have been around for ever and have a very good reputation.

Now, you probably have noticed that we are currently not actively promoting Ignition Casino Poker in the list of online poker sites on Poker For Free. The reason for this is that we have contracts with the other online poker sites to obey, and that we are simply not allowed to, at least not at this moment. But rest assured that we are trying to find a way around this, and when we will, we will add Ignition Casino Poker in more detail to our site.